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WCF Data Services is a useful toolkit that was designed in order to bring you the updated components of WCF Data Services that you can integrate and use in your application development projects.







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WCF Data Services is a component of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) project that exposes data in a RESTful JSON-based format from your data services operations (over HTTP) to multiple disconnected clients that consume the data. It also exposes data from related data services using relationships so that the client only needs to get related data. If you’re interested in learning more about WCF Data Services, you can read about them on their official website. What’s new in WCF Data Services V4.0? In this version, the developers of the WCF Data Services have introduced a new update called REST API versioning which is achieved by adding a new endpoint that is known as the primary endpoint in the metadata. You can verify if the primary endpoint changes by looking at the “Schema” section under the “Metadata” tab. It is very important that you update your WCF Data Services (V4.0) when you want to update your REST API’s endpoint. The new WCF Data Services API’s endpoint must be added (with version 5.1) after you add your data service classes by setting the DataServiceVersionAttribute to 5.1. What’s new in WCF Data Services V5.0? This update focuses on making the performance of the WCF Data Services much faster. That’s because they are hosted in a separate service, instead of an application that you want to consume. What’s new in WCF Data Services V4.5? The updates in WCF Data Services (V4.5) introduce new features that makes the process of working with the data service very easy. The new features that are introduced in this new update include: ServiceInterfaces. Now, developers can create their own service’s data service classes with ease. DataServiceContext. Now, you can easily get the collection of your data service classes. Core project configuration. This is a new feature that you can set a configuration file within your project for your data services. This way, you can modify the configuration without having to go to the DataServiceRoot element which is the area in the web.config which governs the entire configuration. This update focuses on making the performance of the WCF Data Services much faster. That’s because they are hosted in a separate service, instead of an application that you want to consume. The

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WCF Data Services is a WCF framework that was built to provide a simple, common API that integrates data access with any given service. This framework was built so that it is possible to expose and consume data from a WCF based endpoint, and it is open source. Its main features include data-centric approaches, reusability, and the ability to use the WCF Data Services API instead of any kind of custom API or.NET objects. This means that you can have access to all the data from the service via the WCF Data Services API. WCF Data Services Example As you can see from above, WCF Data Services have components that would make it simpler for you to consume data from a WCF-based service. In most applications that we develop, it is necessary for us to use that data which we need to consume from a WCF-based service in our application. The following components can be used to interact with the data of a given service: The following sections will describe the components in the WCF Data Services toolkit: A3.0.3 Using the WCF Data Services Toolkit The WCF Data Services Toolkit comes with a set of pre-requisites in order to run and use it. These pre-requisites include the following: Visual Studio 2005.NET Framework SDK The.NET Framework SDK can be downloaded from: Visual Studio 2005 Install it for free If you are using a VSPackage, check for a recent update. You should find this at the following path: Install the Prerequisite Tools from Visual Studio 2008, Version 9. Tutorial: Create a new project with the following options: Name: WCF Data Service Project Web Application Visual C# or Visual Basic – Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 Supported Remove the generated auto-generated code Add your data service to the project Open the web.config file to look for the data service configuration, the following is an example of configuration for a data service: Look for the Namespaces section. Under it, you should have 2f7fe94e24

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WCF Data Services provides a set of managed APIs that enables you to store and query data through WCF Data Services. Although those APIs are suited for scenarios such as web-based applications, desktop-based applications or web-services, they can also be used for offline or sync scenarios that combine with WPF or Silverlight applications. In this article I will introduce you to the the latest Data Services release, WCF Data Services 4.0, and show you how to install and configure your first WCF Data Service 4.0 application. I will then show you how to create, modify and delete data entities in a new WCF Data Service 4.0 application and how to expose them via web services. Finally, I will show you how to build a simple WCF Data Service 4.0 application by using MVVM and the benefits of using the WCF Data Services architecture. WCF Data Services Requirements: WCF Data Services is supported on Microsoft.NET Framework versions 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5. WCF Data Services requires either the.NET Framework Data Services client profile, or the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Data Services client profile, to be installed on the target machine. WCF Data Services Overview: The following diagram shows the components of WCF Data Services: WCF Data Services 4.0 Configuration: The default settings for a WCF Data Services database are only the tables needed to store and query data. Although those tables are sufficient for most applications, the WCF Data Services configuration process allows you to add other tables that you may need. The tables in the default WCF Data Services configuration are listed below: tblMasters tblMachines As you can see, there are two tables added to the default configuration, tblMasters and tblMachines. The tblMachines table contains information about machines while the tblMasters table contains information about people. You can add other tables as needed when you configure a new WCF Data Service application. The WCF Data Services configuration process enables you to add tables that you need. You can create a table from a database, from a simple file, or from an external data source. Alternatively, you can use a table that you already have as a source for data. The WCF Data Services configuration process also allows you to add a type that you want to use to map entities stored in data tables to business objects. You can use several built-in data

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• WCF Data Services is the successor of the SQL Data Services and it can perform better compared to the previous. • WCF Data Services focus on various functionality in order to increase the performance of the application that uses this. • Because of WCF Data Services, the developers who want to develop applications that use the latest technologies and the applications that are secure and efficient, they can use the same WCF Data Services platform. • It includes the components that you can add to your application design in order to create applications that may use the latest technologies and applications for your development. • WCF Data Services brings you the latest components and features that are helpful in your application design. Overview: • WCF Data Services provides you with updated or new components in order for you to create new applications and components that will help you design new applications. Tools: • Developers who want to create new applications that benefit from the WCF Data Services platform can use WCF Data Services SDK in order to make this successful application. Overview: • This section is an important section that helps you in understanding the structure of this book and you will understand better when you are reading this book. WCF Data Services Description: • WCF Data Services is an updated version of the SQL Data Services. • It comes with the latest components and added features for easy development and management. • By using the updated WCF Data Services, you can have a dynamic application that will be easy to manage, integrated with the latest technology, and perform better compared to the previous versions. Introduction: • This section briefly gives an introduction of your application and the WCF Data Services play the role to connect your application and the database. Why WCF Data Services: • Why WCF Data Services? What is the benefit and how it works? Why it is designed and created? How WCF Data Services works: • In this section, you will find the answer of the previous questions. WCF Data Services Architecture: • In this section, you will find all the updated components in WCF Data Services. WCF Data Services Implementation: • In this section, you will learn the different components that can be used in your application in order to perform different activities. WCF Data Services Operations: • In this section, you will learn all


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