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With VideoSiteManager Portable, you can explore the World Wide Web to find hundreds of useful files easily. As well as the Internet, VideoSiteManager has built-in web browser. You can search for links all over the Internet and even have a direct access to your favorite websites. VideoSiteManager was designed for finding website content and Media files quickly and easily. VideoSiteManager Portable has built-in search engine that finds thousands of useful links in a few seconds and sends them to your Favorites. VideoSiteManager Portable let’s you organize your search results with categories and dates. Through this way, you will not lose any great resources if they are deleted accidentally or have been transferred to the recycle bin. VideoSiteManager Portable has advanced search engine, supports all major browsers, and allows you to quickly find hundreds of Internet resources. This is not just a bookmarks manager. VideoSiteManager is a powerful online video portal that offers a single place for all your favorite URLs. This program includes a built-in search engine to search for the videos you want, so all you have to do is to type the keywords and the program will find the video for you. Besides, the program supports all major browsers, and you can transfer the contents of your Favorites to VideoSiteManager Portable. No matter where you are, VideoSiteManager will find the videos and pictures for you in a matter of seconds. VideoSiteManager Portable allows you to bookmark the great content you find online. You may also have access to the actual website hosting the videos. VideoSiteManager Portable lets you organize your favorites into categories and add tags to each. With these features, it’s easy to keep track of the links you might want to revisit. You can add pages you find to your Favorites or even share them with your friends and colleagues with its social features. VideoSiteManager Portable is an advanced link manager with a bunch of powerful features and a powerful search engine which can help you get exactly what you’re looking for. It offers a lot of flexibility and power, yet is simple to use. User reviews User rating Add a Review Your Name *Your Email *(It will not be displayed. Is only for contact.)Website (not necessary)Comment You may use these HTML tags and attributes: . You can also URL link it

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VideoSiteManager Portable PC/Windows

*** Once installed the new default web browser will be named “VideoSiteManage Portable” (if the default browser is not changed) ***VideoSiteManager Portable (this is a portable version of VideoSiteManager…) is: * a FULL-FLEXIBLE speed finding and organizing engine which will find web sites and links of interest on your hard drive or on-line. * fast & easy to use: find and organize any kind of multimedia content you find on-line, access all the information through the integrated Web Browser and view images, Youtube clips, videos and Flash presentations. * light on your computer system: download VideoSiteManager Portable in less than 60 minutes and enjoy! It is a complete media and all multimedia search engine. It is light and fast to use. * compressed software (pro-version): you don’t need it to find and organize what you are looking for… you can still save some HDD space and download only video links you want to find on your hard drive. VideoSiteManager Portable is a full video search engine, but you can choose the compression you want. If you click the install button, please wait and accept the license agreement. Once you close the install window, you will not be prompted with the license agreement again. You may then quit the installer. VideoSiteManager Portable (web browser version) includes all web browser features that you may want. VideoSiteManager (pro-version) includes all video search engine features that you may want. *** VideoSiteManager Portable is a professional and capable multimedia search engine, that will allow you to easily find and organize all the multimedia files on your computer. VideoSiteManager will also allow you to download video from other websites. You can find all your favorite videos, images, music, Flash presentations, Youtube clips or just plain websites in a single location. VideoSiteManager Portable Features: * Complete control over what you find and organize online The internet is full of multimedia information. VideoSiteManager Portable allows you to easily find and organize all the websites and video clips that are most interesting and useful for you on your hard drive. VideoSiteManager Portable includes the full functionality of the web browser. Find and organize all your favorite sites. There’s a direct link between the videos you watch and the websites you visit. You can find, organize and save all your favorite web sites and video clips on your computer. The faster you find the files and the more

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VideoSiteManager Portable is a powerful multimedia application that lets you download, organize and keep track of videos online. Whether it’s a video you like or a video you happen to come across while surfing the Internet, simply point VideoSiteManager Portable at the URL of the video and it will start playing it automatically. VideoSiteManager Portable will automatically build a collection of video files that you can easily add to your personal favorites list and it will keep track of the most recent videos you’ve seen. This way you will always be able to get back to your collection of videos at any time in the future. VideoSiteManager Portable allows you to resume interrupted video playback by pausing in the middle of a video and then resuming at the exact moment it was interrupted. This function is particularly useful when browsing long videos on the Internet. VideoSiteManager Portable will keep track of the videos you’ve downloaded and which videos you played. All your downloaded videos will be listed in the My Videos section of VideoSiteManager. VideoSiteManager Portable has a built-in web browser that enables you to search the Internet for interesting web links. All you need to do is point the program at the URL of the video and VideoSiteManager Portable will start playing it automatically. VideoSiteManager Portable can quickly search for videos of interest using its built-in search engine and it will save the search results to your favorites list so you can access them easily in the future. VideoSiteManager Portable Features: – Download videos from any video sharing site (YouTube,, Vid.oh, etc.) – Organize and keep track of all your downloaded videos in the My Videos section of the program – Play a list of videos downloaded from Web Links from the Internet – Play a list of videos saved to the program – Search for video links on the Internet – Search for videos of interest using the built-in search engine – Play a list of video files stored in the program – Add multiple files at once to the My Video List – Download video files in the background – Play downloaded files sequentially (like movies) or all at once (like music videos) – Play files in a specific folder – Ability to pause and resume a file while it is being downloaded – The built-in web browser enables you to browse the Internet for video links. All you need to do is point the program at the URL of the video and VideoSiteManager Portable will start playing it

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (64-bit) Processor: 2 GHz dual core processor Memory: 4 GB RAM Hard Disk: 4 GB available space Recommended: Processor: 3 GHz dual core processor Memory: 8 GB RAM Hard Disk: 8 GB available space Key Notes: The data of the game is saved on your computer. To play this game on your