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Ventuz Designer is a full featured Visual Design Suite for web, Windows and Mac OS that enables you to create, author, animate and interactively render ultra-realistic interactive 3D visualizations in minutes. This powerful package of real-time rendering, 3D authoring, 2D/3D animation and visual design is bundled with a wide selection of assets including dozens of pre-built widgets and objects, hundreds of brushes, patterns, textures, and more. Ventuz Designer Features: 1. 3D graphics support – let you render an unlimited number of models in minutes. So you can create the look, feel and intuitive interface of each individual application like a real designer should. 2. Real-time rendering – all of the rendering is done on your desktop in real-time on any OS, just like a video. 3. Multi-format support – let you design graphics in any format and then publish and deliver all assets to just about any OS including Windows, Mac OS and Linux. 4. Flash export for compatibility – publish and deliver all assets as flash in order to let you present and export graphics to as many different platforms as you need. 5. Excellent all around user experience – use the same design tools used by the best in the business so you can make better designs faster. 6. Drag and drop 3D graphics – as soon as your 3D models, shapes and animations are created, drag and drop them to your design canvas so you can put them on any surface you want – including windows. 7. Your own look and feel – buy a look and feel package from us and replace the default icons and theme with your own personal taste. 8. Flexible Delivery – change fonts, colors, backgrounds, widgets and more in any way that makes sense for your design. 9. Create your own widgets – from buttons, labels, scrollers, sliders and more. 10. WYSIWYG – keep designing fast and easy without the burden of having to learn a new different set of design tools. 11. User friendly – the best online design suite available on the net. 12. Open your door to over $1,000 worth of add-ons and pre-built content so you can quickly create your own designs and upload all assets to your web site, CD or DVD. Unique Slipjumper Spybot for Mac Unique Slipjumper is a break-out game where

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The Ventuz Express Designer Cracked Version for Visual Studio 2010 is a flexible solution for real-time 3D visualization design and authoring. It provides you with a streamlined workflow for authoring a variety of visualizations and interactive presentations with the ability to interact with the audience and multimedia graphics in real-time. Create eye-popping real time presentations of all sizes to wow your audience by using images, videos, and 3D interactive objects. Specify how these 3D graphics are rendered, allowing for a wide range of visual effects such as realistic lighting, reflections, shadows, and animation. The designer includes a variety of display modes that help you create your final 3D presentation. Take this example of a Cityscape Presentation that has a flame effect around an area, a push-button that can be pressed at the bottom of the screen and the scene will rotate based on the movement of the mouse. Or we can create a molecule model using images taken from the Internet. After you create your presentation you can start working on the code. You can place any type of code that would be suitable for your visualization. This can be of any language you would like to use, such as Visual Basic, C++, HTML, JavaScript, or any scripting language, such as ActionScript, Python, Ruby, VB Script. The Ventuz Express Designer 3D real-time visualizations, presentations and animations are produced using the same application that you see on your screen when creating the authoring work, this is the Ventuz 3D authoring and simulation environment. We will be using the C# C++ functionality, but the same program is used for many other programming languages. This is a highly versatile real-time program that can be used for a wide range of situations. The Ventuz Express Designer integrates with Visual Studio 2010, and is compatible with Visual C#, Visual C++, and HTML Visual Basic and with VB Script. The basis is a graphical editor that allows to design 3D models, animations, interactive graphics and presentations. The composition mode is similar to that of technical drawing packages, allowing you to place and rotate 3D graphics, as well as to wire them together for animations. 3D Simulator 3D presentation/animation viewer Active View – We can show 3D models, animations, interactive graphics and presentations on the screen in real time. The scene is updated every second as we move the mouse or the controller. With this feature you can create any 3D 3a67dffeec

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Ventuz Express Designer is a professional solution to create and design the next generation of quality real-time 3D visualizations, presentations, animations, and music compositions. Ventuz Express Designer is easy to use and intuitively guide you through the entire creation process. Aesthetically, Ventuz Express Designer will redefine the standard and appeal to your audience. Ventuz Express Designer is a solution for beginners and intermediate users. Everything you need to create stunning interactive 3D real time visualizations, presentations, animations, and music compositions is easily accessible and supported by a large number of tools and functions in a single user interface. Even if you have never created a presentation in this format before, you can easily use Ventuz Express Designer to design and create high-quality non-linear real time presentations within few minutes without any additional requirements. With the ability to integrate 3D visualizations into the design or seamlessly insert pre-made real-time animations you can quickly create unique and cutting edge product and content for the web, big screens, mobile devices and other interactive 3D presentation display media. By downloading this software you agree to our disclaimer. Real-time graphic applications such as Flash or VRML are easy to download and can be easily executed. While the size of a Flash file is the size of a DVD, the size of a VRML file is almost the size of a text document. No matter which one you use, if you do not install the latest version and have the latest plugin, your application may not execute correctly. This makes it even more important to make sure that the link you use is always valid. At this moment, there are several websites that host downloadable applications that do not update when new versions are released, or do not update quickly. This means that if you download a program from one of these sites, the software may no longer work when you get the latest update. Warning: “Real-time visualizations” are often used by Webmasters to attract visitors to their site. For these reasons, the webmasters of the websites which use these real-time visualizations want you to install or update their Flash or Flash Lite application when you update any Adobe products. Ventuz can help you with that. When you download our product, you agree to install the latest version of the product, if necessary. If you have no access to a computer you can easily download and install the latest version of our software using the web version of

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The Ventuz Design Pro package is an interactive, 2D/3D design tool used by graphic designers for creating interactive presentations and animations. It’s powered by SVG graphics technology and includes a VRML authoring tool, DHTML authoring tool, a vector and raster art editor. The real-time preview window and collaborative tools give you the ability to co-create, collaborate, view, and review in real time. The Ventuz Designer is a comprehensive tool for multimedia designers, web designers, graphic artists, 3D developers and other creative professionals. It can deliver interactive presentations and animations you will be proud to distribute and distribute quickly. 100 Components: Hundreds of high quality 3D Plugins for Flash authoring 30MB of video and sound 5 interactive 3D Scenes with advanced motion control Step by step instructions to use the tools easily Move the video camera through the 3D scenes step by step Split scene in 2D and 3D Readme file explains the application Look inside and read about the products What others say about Comment: There are many flash plugin sites on the Internet but this one is by far the best. One of our online courses is provided by eZFlashPro and is absolutely superb. About: is a website dedicated to 3D-effect plugins for Adobe Flash. We offer this service in all our online courses. The value of using our online courses is that you can download and use all our plugins in Flash and most other Flash developers will already have the 3D-effect plugins that we sell so they can use them in their projects. If you do not like the plugins or the course we offer and you have spent money on it, you can cancel your subscription to get back your money. We also have a newsletter that you can sign up for free. Ventuz v12 Winter 2009 Ventuz v12 in winter 2009 The Ventuz Team wishes you all a very happy New Year! We have started 2009 with an awesome new version of Ventuz the 3D designer and authoring tool. Ventuz v12: A new release with a new name (Ventuz) and many major upgrades. The main improvements are: * New 3D authoring tool: * Real-time prerendering and rendering features * 3D objects are

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Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64-bit) 1024 x 768 display or higher 2 GHz processor 2 GB RAM 12 GB available disk space DirectX 9.0c Microsoft Windows Live Essentials Additional Notes: This Download provides a preview version of the software. The software is currently only compatible with Windows XP. The software is provided “AS IS” and no warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, is given by the Microsoft Corporation or its affiliates with respect to the software. The user accepts the