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As its name makes it quite clear, VCF Splitter is a straightforward Windows-only application that allows users to split vCard files. To be more precise, it’s designed to split vCard files exported from the Contacts app of Android devices into individual vCard files for easier handling. It’s worth noting that this application is a portable one, meaning that it does not require installation and it does not create new entries in your computer’s system folders. The only requirement is that the computer running it needs to have .NET Framework 4 installed. Simplistic and efficient little app To use the application, users simply need to download the archive, unzip it, and run the utility via its designated executable file. The original Android vCard file needs to be loaded in the “Input file” field, and an output folder also needs to be specified. These operations can be performed by pressing the Browse buttons next to both fields or via simple drag and drop actions (drag and drop the vCard in question from its destination directly onto the app’s Input File field. Easiest way to split Android-based vCard files Regardless of how large the original vCard file is, the whole operation should not take more than one or two seconds to complete. The contacts within the vCard file will be split into individual .VCF files within the output folder (and will have the names of the contacts in question). To conclude, VCF Splitter is a very efficient utility that does its job fast without requiring more than a few mouse clicks from its users. It allows anyone to export vCard files from their Android devices, and have all the bundled contacts listed as individual vCard files in a folder of their choosing.









VCF Splitter 1.0.6994.981

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VCF Splitter 1.0.6994.981 Crack + License Key Download [Mac/Win]

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VCF Splitter 1.0.6994.981 Crack + With Key

“Vcard Splitter” application has been developed by ICS Software the company whose products are best at converting various file formats. We are providing the most useful application developed by ICS Software, we called it “VCF Splitter”. It is a very useful application which can split VCards. And it is free. So this tool can be your best solution to solve your VCards Split problem. And it has many other cool features. So download it now and enjoy. Features: – Splitting every contact from the vcard – Easy to use and simple to use interface – Windows based application so it works fine in Windows as well as in Linux. – 100% safe and secure so do not worry to lose your important data. – You can convert many other kind of files with this tool. – Tons of options are provided to customize the output so according to your requirements. What’s New in this version: – Add update option. – Bug fixes. – Supports all the latest Android devices. – Three modes of file conversion that are suitable for all kind of mobile devices. – Vcard Splitter works smoothly in all devices. – No internet connection required in each and every time. Get “Vcard Splitter” right now in the Android Market 3. Get iTrz Console iTrz Console: Control Android Apps iTrz Console is a stock compatible application for Android that allows you to control your Android mobile handset’s application resources such as application settings, camera’s settings, SD card’s settings, or rooted. In fact, this app is a powerful system management application that lets you control almost everything on your Android smartphone. The application offers a number of useful features that will help users to control their Android-based mobile devices. For example, it is fully compatible with both rooted and non-rooted devices. Mobile device management with iTRz While using the application, you can unlock features, change or manage your contacts, calibrate your mobile’s screen size, or access to your mobile’s hardware components. You can change the background of your mobile, customize the animation, enable or disable the vibration, or set your device’s brightness. Other features supported by this app include: – Accurate

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