When I was developing the ASIO Test Signal Generator, since it was such a simple program, I became obsessed with the desire to make it the most accurate tone generator ever created in software to make up for it’s complete lack of features. Each tone produced is a perfect sine wave calculated to 80 bits of floating point accuracy. Each signal generated begins and end at a zero point � that is to say, consists of a number of whole, complete sine waves. Furthermore, these signals begin and end with a linear taper equal in duration to some multiple of the period of the signal. The signals are produced with no DC component. You must have a sound card with an ASIO driver to run this software. Most professional sound cards such as M-Audio’s Delta have such a driver. Even the Sound Blaster Audigy comes with an ASIO driver, however, though supported by my software, the Audigy runs at 48 KHz and only has a 16 bit buffer, so you won’t get all the precision there is to be had. (The Audigy also has a 24 bit, 96 Khz mode, but my software doesn’t support 24 bits as yet.) You can actually play these tunes on consumer grade sound cards if you download and install the ASIO4All emulator. Set it for a buffer size of 1024 or 2048 samples if a setting of 512 samples sounds crackly. Try music on your 32 bit sound card at a sampling rate of 96 KHz for the best possible sound. Even the notes of the scales are calculated with 12 decimal places of precision, so you can use the music as a frequency standard. You can test your speakers with it. If you have very accurate speakers, the music may sound flat and boring. However, if your speakers have ‘character’ like mine, the music may sound quite pretty. Requirements: ■ Sound card with an ASIO driver







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