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Some people make it out to be. It’s not the end of the world if your sexual relationship ends — just end it on good terms. Aside from the obvious physical complications, there’s one thing that those who partake in casual sex aren’t likely to hear about: emotional trauma. From needing support in your moment of truth to feeling particularly anxious the next time you consider attempting sex, these are the biggest concerns that can pop up at an intense time. It’s thought that casual sex used to be quite common, however, there was a sense of ‘committed’ sex in the past. Even if you have had sex, or are attracted to someone and want to date them, you may not want to enter a casual relationship with that person. You may think that this relationship is probably going to last longer, so you have decided that you would like to pursue something else. Of course, casual relationships with hot women (or straight men) who are willing to meet up with you in a way that you never thought would be attractive is a wonderful thing. These casual encounters may last for several months or longer, but like the example below, the sexual gratification that you and your partner share in your particular experience will last a lifetime. These studies are what get people upset, but they also serve to ground a larger idea: There is one aspect of this trope that’s come to seem particularly worth addressing. It’s about the idea that sex with strangers gives everyone involved a rush of joy that would never occur in a relationship. This, uh, does not appear to be true. The bottom line is, any risk you take with casual sex is just that, taking a risk. It’s up to you to decide what risks are worth taking. Make smart decisions, but just remember — nothing in the world is a guarantee. If you ever think that casual sex is taking a turn for the worst, just remember that it’s your decision and you alone can make the call. That’s certainly not to say casual sex is simple — love and sex are never that simple. In the case of casual hookups, these days, they may involve some serious decisions: Which apps are best? Can you trust an online match? What to look for in a relationship? Is a meeting a meeting, or does a text make a meeting? What’s the best way to meet a date? And on and on. The second thought, the one you didn’t even know you were thinking, is,
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