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The gameplay experience revolves around an ambient, unique sci-fi universe where different worlds with unique physics are graphically realized through two dimensional platform puzzles where the player must maneuver an orb in order to advance. Each world is broken into different areas within a landscape and it is up to the player to use the physics of the world itself to solve puzzles, and avoid obstacles, so that they can advance and reach the central objective. There are 11 worlds, each with its own challenges and its own unique environments and physics. Chris Schlarb: “NightSky: An Ambient Action Puzzle Game” is an ambient action-puzzle game that will challenge you to use realistic physics to advance and unravel the puzzle at hand. The original soundtrack by Chris Schlarb will further heighten the surreal experience. Website: Twitter: @NightSky_TheGame Facebook: Google+: +NightSkyGame Soundcloud: Youtube: Twitch: Robin: You can follow Robin here on twitter @shiningsunrg Chris: You can follow Chris here on twitter @chris_schlarb is the result of intense collaborations between the band, our collaborators from the Computer Music Lab and a team of professional musicians, engineers and computer scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. New technologies and innovative approaches drive the Drum Tuned and Played project forward. From the beginning, the project focuses on a more efficient implementation of drum instruments in real time and on mobile devices. This results in a compelling whole with drums that are part of the music and not the other way around. In this manner, the project is about doing what is intuitive and habitual for us when listening to music, yet on a digital level with the usage of new technologies. This means that music can be as expressive as it is in real-life situations and has a certain ‘distance’ to it. The project will be launched in new countries as well as connected with local projects, like the development of new technologies in the area of electroacoustics, the extension of the audio-scientific community and the active


Features Key:

  • Many levels!
  • A navigation drawer for each level
  • An unlimited mode
  • Time left for each level
  • A sound fx per level
  • Transforming wall obstacles for certain levels
  • Match blocks to advance
  • A level editor for creating and testing new levels
  • Experience points for customizing your moko
  • When you are presented with a green moko, it means you should make the path to your destination and get rewards. When the moko is yellow, it means there’s a hazardous room for you to deal with.

    You will have to use careful judgement and intuition to choose your path. As you progress, new challenges also arise and you may learn new skills while trying to overcome them. If you need assistance while trying to solve a puzzle, just tap the option and the moko will display the solution for you.

    Moko: The first moko will not grow wings, because it has no problems

    Once you figure out where to go, you need to avoid trigger objects. Some of these block your path and it can become tough to find a way around them if you get too close. In order to make it easier to avoid the blocks, the moko will transform certain obstacles and make them your friends.

    Moko: Help! You’re not moving fast enough!

    In some levels you will need to cover large distances to make it to the finish line. If you aren’t moving fast enough, the moko will start to shrink down until you reach its finish location.



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    Unravelling PU is a narrative adventure game with a great dark humor and a story so deep that you’ll wish you didn’t finish it! Composed by Deniz Akbulut and composed and produced by Gutenemirjam. About This Content A poem so long it took three years to write! “You sit with your white hair in two neat black braids and you offer this list of words, in one of the most formal yet quiet voices you’ve ever heard.” If you like Nisala’s Black hair then you’ll like this game. You’re gonna play as Kip and try to break into the White House. In the game you’ll play as a citizen which is you on your laptop and PC. And you’ll use your browser as your inventory. Play in your browser in local co-op, on the same machine with a friend! Thanks to AllFancy the artist who drew the promo art for the game! Features – Story about a U.S. citizen who breaks into the White House. – Inspired by George Orwell’s novel 1984. – Keep track of your progress with a different monocle for every level. – Jump and you’ll get a reward. – Double jump. – Too high to jump, too high to fly. – The toilet is a murder weapon. – The Red Phone Line – Looks like you’re heading for an airport, but… you’re not! – The Gold Phone Line – The green Phone Line – The White House – Blueish. – Beautiful pixel art and music! – The game is not commercial. – Story by Nisala, Game by You: PU. – Game is not quite ready for publishing. – Huge Map. – Full color option. – Dream is about 80% done! – Demo will contain a random level with some of the important features. – This is not an RPG. – Gameplay is about solving puzzles. – Puzzles are done with different methods. – Gameplay is non-linear. – Play as the character in the art or as a spectator. – Watch your shadow, you can be seen. – Clever puzzles. – Every decision is important. – Enjoy our work as a game-developer. – You may leave feedback! – Die many times before you reach the end. – Full support for headphones.


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    • Unrar: – 7-Zip
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    System Requirements For Soulless Legions:

    • Windows 7 or later (32-bit or 64-bit Windows OS required) • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 series or AMD Radeon HD 6000 series series graphics card • Recommended video drivers version: 285.49 or newer (recommended) • 6 GB RAM • 3 GHz or faster processor • DirectX 11-compatible sound card Cave Story 3 is the third installment of the award-winning Cave Story games. As you advance through its various stages, you’ll encounter hundreds of foes and find hidden secrets in the depths of