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Pidgeon Client provides you with an intuitive and simple IRC client that you can use to connect to IRC servers and chat with other users. Designed with ease of use in mind, Pidgeon Client can handle multiple servers simultaneously. It comes with search capabilities, traffic scanning and notifications.


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– Highlight: Uses traditional highlights. Clicking on a highlighted word brings up a context menu. Clicking on an italic word or paragraph brings up the corresponding information. – Mapping: Info about the highlighted object is displayed. – Visual: Displays the highlighted object in color. – Icon: Displays the highlighted object as an icon. – Search: Allows you to search for a specific word using the host’s nickname, channels, user names and usernames. You can also use regular expressions. – Agents: Displays a list of user agents. – See: See which users are online and connected to which channels. – Signal: Displays the status of the highlighted users. – Nicks: Lets you see all known nicks on the server. – Colour: Lets you change the color of the highlighted object. – Username: Displays the user’s nickname. – X-URL: Lets you view the website for the user on the server. – Flood: Displays a label for the highlighted user, usually a word that explains the user’s status on the channel. It is displayed in the chat window. – Auto Mode: Makes Pidgeon Client display the position of the user relative to the time, channel, or topic (current thread). The settings are for demonstration purposes only. – Auto-Scrolling: Provides continuous scrolling of messages. Only works with the mouse scroll wheel. – Filters: Lets you specify the search term and visual or functional mode for each filter. – Home: Lets you display a sidebar with channels and logs. – Web Chat: Lets you view the website for the server in the chat window. – Join: Enables you to connect to an IRC server. – Server: Lets you connect to a network, server, channel or group. You can search for the host’s name, nickname or RSS feed. – Info: A detailed list of the host, channels, users and subnet masks. – Statistics: Shows the number of users, groups, channels and servers that you are connected to. – Traffic: Shows the numbers of users and traffic that you have sent and received. – Help: Displays the user’s help. – Bugs: Lets you report problems and ask for features. – Logout: Lets you log out from the server. – Control: Lets you control your settings. Features

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———— Pidgeon Client Free Download is a client-side client for the IRC protocol. You can connect to various IRC servers using this client. It has a pretty interface and is very easy to use. At the moment, Pidgeon Client supports W3C IRCHead protocol. This protocol is a slight modification of the IRC protocol to retain compatibility with the IRC servers. With the use of Pidgeon Client, you can now enjoy the IRC without paying to the IRC servers. Main Features: ————- * Many types of servers (Freenode, UnixGate, freenodeDome, FUJ, Vode, Android, X-Chat) * Improved text searching * Support for the command ‘clear last’ * Support for the command ‘load last’ * Support for the command’recalculate’ * Support for the server that disables timestamps in the chat logs * Support for the server that disables logging connections * Support for the server that disables the logging of active channels * Many types of filters * Support for the Command ‘clear accounts’ * Support for the command ‘load users’ * Support for the command ‘load channels’ * Support for the command ‘clear channels’ * Support for the command ‘clear users’ * Support for the command ‘list servers’ * Display an ‘unsupported servers’ list when servers are not found * Supports many ASCII art characters * Support for UTF-8 * Support for embedded URLs * Connect to IRC servers using a popup window * Support for the Autojoin option * Support for the server that disables timestamps in the chat logs * Support for the *bare* server * Support for the *bare* and *no-open* servers * Support for the server that disables the logging of active channels * Support for the server that disables the logging of active users * Support for the server that disables the logging of active channels * Support for the server that disables the logging of active users * Support for the server that disables the logging of active users * Support for the server that disables the logging of active users * Support for the server that disables the logging of active users * Support for the server that disables the logging of active users * Supports various MIME types for files * Support for the ‘interactive debug’ mode 3a67dffeec

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– Easy to use, it is designed for average users. – It uses a tabbed interface to let you open multiple servers at once. – You can view your friend list, watch other peoples traffic and manage which server you are connected to. – It has tabs for chat windows. – It is straightforward and easy to use. – Supports multiple servers at once, using an easy to use interface. DaiUI is a lightweight and fast mobile-friendly user interface (UI) based on the popular and versatile Dai engine. DaiUI is better than its big brother Dai, because it is smaller, easier to use and much faster. DaiUI Features: – Better performance. – Better and faster. – Auto-detect your device language. – Lightweight user interface. – Responsive interface. – Easily customizable. – Adapted to mobile. Conqueror is based on the popular internet browser, Firefox. It offers an alternative, much faster and better web browsing experience to those of the end-users of Windows. Compared to the standard Firefox browser: – Thousands of users using it on Windows every day, why not try it on your Windows and Mac computers for free? – Support for the Desktop and Mobile browsers. – An advantage over the standard browsers. – Quicker, download time. – No interference with your normal browser. A new project based on the renowned Hangout messenger, but in the form of a cross-platform, open-source app that runs on Windows and Mac. This chat app provides users with a fast, modern, easy-to-use alternative to the other messengers available. LiveLite Chat Features: – Ability to add contacts. – Chat in a group. – Mark chats as read or unread. – Add stickers. – Groups. – Translation. Free or Paid – no matter what the decision may be made, we aim to produce a product that will satisfy the needs of our customers. With a vast number of products, the first thing a customer will need to do is select one that best fits their needs. Of course, finding the right product will not be a easy task, so we recommend that you consider a few factors before making a purchase. is the first and only Live Chat software built specifically for companies who offer services online. Company owning it, who is serious about

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Minimum System Requirements: OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 3000+ (64-bit OS) Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia® GeForce® 8800, ATI Radeon® X1950 or better (ATI catalyst driver 9.9 or better recommended) DirectX: DirectX 9.0c or later Hard Drive: 5GB available space Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card Video Card: 1024×768 resolution or greater Hard Drive Space: 20 GB Recommended System Requirements: