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There are certain physiological and psychological benefits to casual sex, namely the increase in dopamine levels. Every time you have sex, you get a hit of the compound, the neurotransmitter. It’s no wonder then that for many people, casual sex makes them feel great. One study even reported that casual sex was more associated with the feeling of being in love than long-term relationships. Scientists at the University of New South Wales seem to confirm that fact, noting that “casual sex is associated with lower levels of the chemical oestrogen.” While some people benefit from the release of oxytocin, others can actually experience problems with it, like feeling fatigued and sad. The dopamine levels spike because casual sex is fun. When you’re getting it in, you’re most likely experiencing sensations that are both pleasurable and exciting: you are having a good time — the action, the submission, your man pleasing you. This can build up into feelings of excitement, euphoria, and even elation. The release of serotonin is also helped by casual sex, which can feel good, but it can also be accompanied by a free-flowing sense of positive energy. Dopamine and serotonin are the same compounds as what your body uses to create sense of well being and pleasure. When you meet someone new, dopamine is released in your brain. Unlike the drug, which creates a high like that lasts for just a moment, casual sex sends a cascading of these chemicals throughout your entire system and doesn’t wear off. It makes you feel more excited, more energetic, and even more ready to please your partner than you normally would. When you get casual sex, you also tend to feel more satisfied with yourself and that experience. That’s because casual sex has been shown to be quite equal in terms of the positive feelings you get. Women appear to have higher levels of oxytocin, leading them to feel more nurtured and closer to their partners, and men get more dopamine, which can allow them to get off and get a little bit hornier when they get the sex. That’s not to say the man always ends up with extra motivation, though. The other side of casual sex is that it can encourage the perception that you might not be good enough or sexy enough or desirable enough to be with anyone in particular. But the more sex you get, the less that feeling becomes apparent. What you’re learning is that you’re good enough, and that more sex means you’re even better. So long as your partner

– 473,614 votes – Tinder is changing the dating game, but it may also be redefining how casual sex is portrayed. It has always been difficult for Americans to talk about casual sex. Casual sex has always been seen as something shameful. Even in our current generation, Americans still struggle with casual sex, even though there are cultural forces, like the rise of social media and dating apps, that have made casual sex a little less shameful. According to the American Society of Sexual Medicine, “49% of surveyed college students reported at least one experience of non-consensual sex, with 7% reporting two or more incidents.” That is a hefty statistic, especially since what was originally portrayed as a socially accepted act of promiscuity is now being condemned. But casual sex is not necessarily a bad thing — in fact, it can be a very good thing. It can be enjoyable and make you feel empowered, because you can simply go with the flow and not worry about having to plan the perfect date. There are many casual sex experts who recommend that people embrace the ambiguous nature of casual sex. Even if the person you’re having sex with doesn’t give you a choice, you should still have a good time and enjoy yourself. If you’ve ever had a one-night stand, you know how good it can be. Many casual sex experts believe that casual sex can be the basis for long-term relationships, if that is something you would prefer. Casual sex has never been a part of my daily life, and I’ve never felt uncomfortable with my friends around when they were sleeping with their partners. I know that it can be anxiety inducing if you put a lot of thought into something that you know is not really a planned thing, but I find the excitement of the “swipe and go” dating mentality to be very liberating. We’re all put in the embarrassing position of struggling to find the right person, right now, to spend our lives with. Why do people love casual sex so much? – 5,582,128 votes – The University of South Carolina considers white males the most desirable gender on the campus. You’ve heard the saying, “The best things in life are free.” For most people, that means free food, or free cars, or free houses, etc. But for “hookups,” “on the prowl,” or “swinging” — activities where you’re “just looking for sex” — the “best things in life” are completely free.