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Enables you to test your website for different devices, resolutions, and browser versions. USES: Mobile / Tablet Testing Mobile Bug Testing HTML, CSS, JavaScript Testing Category: Tools License: Freeware / Shareware / Trialware Type: Desktop Last updated: October 13, 2016 Download URL: Q: How to make the window BORDERLESS? I have a form with a window in, i have set a border for the window. However, when i minimize/maximize the window, the border remains visible. How can i turn it off. Note: I dont want the form border-width to be affected. Thanks A: You can use the OwnerDraw property of the Form: this.BeginUpdate(); this.DrawToBitmap(brush, clientRect); this.EndUpdate(); Q: Sitecore Commerce 9 website functional issue I am having issue with the Sitecore Commerce 9 website not displaying product description when I click on the image of any product. Basically I have a product page that shows the product image, product name, and product description based on the selection of “Descriptions” from the drop down list. Please note that if I select a different dropdown option, this error does not occur but if I select the “Descriptions” option then the error does occur and I am not getting the product description. The image shows an image with a broken arrow next to it. I have tried the following two options I thought it was something to do with the Sitecore Commerce 9 CDN so I switched it to but that did not work either. I am not sure what to do next to solve this issue. I have reached out to the Sitecore Commerce Support team but haven’t gotten any response yet. Any help on this would be much appreciated. A: I have fixed this issue and posted the solution here

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This app provides a wide range of free testing features and functionalities to evaluate websites. It doesn’t have specific applications, but goes around the wide selection of mobile and desktop devices. It has full control of the test and allows it to be synchronized for later use. Free trial – No Credit Card. LambdaTest Description: A multiple testing service provider that offers website testing, in-app testing and functional testing, alongside automation and security services.Description Do you get that weird feeling when you see someone – their eyes wide open in the middle of the night – and feel compelled to snap their photo? Or wonder what some hairy-legged weirdo is doing during the day? Well, this app takes care of the hairy-legged thing for you – instantly. This is the photo of the day (POTD) app. When you wake up in the morning, this app will alert you of anything that’s on the docket for that day, and when you go to bed at night, it will alert you if anything worth noting happens. This will run through your camera roll, opening every photo and saving it if a certain criteria is met. There’s also a version of the app that tracks you through your location data, and sends you a notification when it finds something random. “Eyes Wide Open” is based on the same algorithm that I developed for Google Street View cars. This means that it knows to open your camera roll from wherever you were when you took the photo, meaning you’ll have more interesting stories to tell – and less photos of yourself. All photos are then exported to a folder you create. You can use this folder to keep track of all your photos, which is a great way to store them for posterity. If you want to add details to your photos, you can do so with the in-app text editor. You can also delete unwanted photos from this folder at any time. If you prefer, you can send me your backups. You’ll need a camera with a decent amount of megapixels, a long lens, and some time to go through your photos. What’s New Bug fixes. Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Details “Eyes Wide Open” is an app that shares your photos with you when you need them. When you wake up in the morning

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A desktop app which enhances LambdaTest’s suite of testing offerings, the LT Browser has functions of its own. “The LT Browser is a desktop app that helps test and evaluate different web resources. In its primary form, it is targeted as a mobile/tablet testing tool. The most amazing thing is that it integrates into a wider spectrum of testing services and products offered by LambdaTest. It is meant for single users and all testing data that is gathered from each person is synchronized in the browser app manager that generates granular reports and gives access to many more options. A single app with versatile functionalities, the LT Browser has templates for the most popular smartphones and tablets (and their resolutions) and can add custom devices meaning you could create a custom desktop-size screen to parallel test the same website on two different simulated devices. Secondly, the tool has scroll sync meaning you can choose to navigate from whatever testing device you wish to, and the other one will mirror the actions. It is quite simple to follow the process and does not require pre-existing knowledge. You can choose which device screen you want the session recorded from, take print screens and edit the pictures with desired annotations, and even access the web developer’s console, straight from the app to check the elements you are looking at. The LambdaTest universe and custom workflows At a wider level, the individual app is meant for separate testing and it is synchronized to a web platform that receives data from each of those who test through their single apps. The system offered by LambdaTest is really well structured and is meant for integration, synchronization, and ultimately automation. On its end, each testing app can communicate feedback super efficiently due to native integrations with Asana, JIRA, Slack, Trello, GitHub, etc. The web manager offers much more advanced possibilities like cross-browser testing, integrated debugging, geolocation testing, etc. When it comes to its connection to LT Browser, it has plenty of extra information to offer like logs of each test (depending on what computer they were conducted, by whom, where, etc.), automation tests and analytics, and even a labeling system for creating categories based on the type of issues you find upon testing (similar to Jira’s): bug, task, assignee, priority, etc.” A: I use to use Google Chrome browser and its developer tool to test mobile web application.

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Discord: Steam: If you have questions regarding downloading, please visit our Download Page here: Kotaku AU: Downtime Update for Dec 2015. With this update, you will be able to check out all of our new and updated features, such as: New Features: Kot