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Kleptomania is an application that allows you to capture text and graphics from any kind of application based on the Textract technology. It’s a on OCR system tray tool that can be controlled by mouse actions, as well as hotkey commands. It’s easy to use, practical and enables you to select text and graphics even from clipboard-unaware applications. Kleptomania puts five selection modes at your disposal, each with a distinct functionality that stands out in different cases. With this tool you are able to capture text just like in MS Word, by simply selecting the needed text from start to end, or by creating a rectangular frame around the area you want to extract. The second one is best suited for when the text and graphics are merged into a clipboard-unaware format. You can also extract content from an entire application window, or opt to save just the images and leave out the text. Kleptomania is designed to cover all possible cases in which you need to capture and process text. To do this, besides the above mentioned methods, Kleptomania also allows you to use a ‘Smart selection’ feature that combines the ‘Native’, ‘Rectangle’ and ‘Window’ capture modes. After a selection is made using any of its capture methods, a popup menu is displayed and you can use it to access all its available processing functions. From this menu, you can copy text, send it via email, as well as view the identified font, its size and color. The application also counts the number of lines, words and characters. Kleptomania can copy text in all formats, allowing the destination application to choose the appropriate formatting when inserted, but you can just as well choose to preserve the original font name, pitches and styling. With the copy function you can also add the last selection to clipboard, this way you can select multiple times and paste to the clipboard just once. It takes a bit of practice to get used to its functionality and to learn where each copying technique works best. But once you get familiarize with it, it’s quite the indispensable tool.


Download 🔗 https://urlca.com/2snJls

Download 🔗 https://urlca.com/2snJls






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Kleptomania is an on-screen OCR application for Windows. The program is designed for quick and efficient text copying from different Windows applications, whether they are clipboard-aware or not. It recognizes text in all formats used in Windows, including text files, folder names, emails and in-game text. Kleptomania also enables you to copy anything and everything, including graphics from windows that are not designed for clipboard use. It’s possible to identify text in almost all Windows applications, including all kinds of text editors, spreadsheets, desktop publishing programs, even games. By this, the program can become an indispensible tool for every office worker. All the text recognized by Kleptomania is copied in a variety of formats. Just choose among them: • Text file. • Plain text. • RTF. • HTML files. • Pictures. •.graphics files. • Clipboard. Just run Kleptomania and define its preferred option when it starts up. If you want text, choose ‘Text’ in the bottom left corner. If you want to copy images, click on ‘Images’. If you want to save both text and graphics, choose ‘Clipboard’. When you choose ‘Text’ or ‘Images’, Kleptomania automatically searches for text and graphic elements to copy. You can copy any of the following text and graphics: • File and folder names. • Email messages. • In-game text. • Text from web pages. • Text from all kinds of windows: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Notepad, IExplore, Explorer, and more. Kleptomania is a multi-format program and it has the capability to recognize text in all possible formats: plain, RTF, HTML, images, emails, archives, email messages. The application can even detect text from forms, and even.jpg and.png graphic images. Just one start/stop key and one mouse click, the program can recognize all kinds of text and graphic content. When you run Kleptomania for the first time it scans your Windows to see what windows are on screen. Then it opens their contents. If there are no entries in Windows then Kleptomania start from the beginning and scans the programs available. Later Kleptomania will never open a window that has nothing for the program to

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Capture text, graphics and shapes from any application using Textract technology. Capture text from any application using Keyboard Shortcuts or hotkeys. Capture text from any application, and save just images or copy to clipboard. Copy text from clipboard, and paste to clipboard. Capture text in five selection modes, each with a distinct functionality that stands out in different cases. Supports most of the popular (and most common) text and graphics formats. Paste and Preview/Print whole lines of text, using the correct formatting. Pre-format text for pasting to apps without rich text. Save up to 6 clipboard formats at the same time. Preview text in paragraph, line or column view. Search text in text and image options. Fast and efficient; only small memory footprint. Very precise, using OCR technology. Kleptomania is FREE. Kleptomania is a perfect app for people using text-heavy applications, such as: Photo management and editing applications Facebook Twitter Google+ Facebook Messenger Slack LinkedIn Ad-Driven websites Online forms Online shopping platforms Compare websites Yahoo Mail Work-related websites Compete Ebay and Amazon Windows Phone 7 Walk-through image galleries Android Google Maps Photoshop Illustrator Creative Market The text you capture and process using Kleptomania: Is stored in the specified text format. Is saved as a PNG format image. Can be previewed either in a tiny windows or a full-screen view. Is saved in the clipboard. A user can also copy the text to the clipboard. Can be selected to all of the above or any combination of the above options. Can be copied into the clipboard and pasted into a variety of applications. Can be copied and pasted to a mobile device, without limitation of the applications on that device. Kleptomania Full Version Keygen Kleptomania License key Kleptomania Serial Number Kleptomania Keygen Pc Game Kleptomania is the top app I have installed on my work phone since its first release. Its amazingly easy to use and takes up little space on my phone. It has become my constant companion during work hours. I’ve used it countless times to search for information that I can copy in right away. It has also saved

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