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Some of the most important data that you have on your computer ends up attached to the Windows user profile. Whether it’s about songs, pictures, videos, work documents or any other types of files, most of them are sent to the ‘Users’ folder by default from the browser of third party applications that you use to create or edit them. Johnny's User Profile Backup is an application that, as its name suggests, is capable of creating a backup for everything that goes into the user profile folders. Besides the above mentioned types of data, it also stores installed application data if it is available. The application displays a more than user-friendly interface. Its design is kept simple with a comprehensive structure which ensures that regardless of your computer experience, you are more than capable of using it. To get started on creating the backup for your Windows profile, you first have to run the application and let it scan your system for all the active profiles. The time it takes for the application to finish the search depends on the total number of existing profiles and size of the files that each one has. Once that is done, you simply select one or more profiles you want to backup from a given list, choose the storage location and then simply click the copy button. Johnny's User Profile Backup doesn’t tamper with your files in any way, it simply copies them to a folder in the drive you select. You are not able to choose a specific folder in the drive but the default name it creates is pretty suggestive and easy to locate. In closing, Johnny's User Profile Backup offers you a very practical and accessible solution in which you can backup your entire Windows profile data with almost no effort on your behalf.


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