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The ISMS-RAT is a Web Based Application for managing ISMS document. It consists of two templates (one for “New Data Entry” and one for “Existing Data Entry”) and four sub-templates ( two for “Info sec Assumption Methodology” and two for “Info sec Risk Treatment Plan”). It is compatible with currently available browsers like Microsoft Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome. It covers assets, information and software. A model showing the relationship between assets, incidents and vulnerabilities is provided. The application have two types of entry flow. The first one is for creating a new asset or incident, the second one is for updating an existing asset or incident. “ISMSRAT Download With Full Crack” will present a workflow that assists the user by generating the ISMS. It will also provide a tabular view where the user can explore and manage details of assets, incidents and vulnerabilities. This application will provide an information management component that enables the user to capture, manage, store, retrieve and display of information, the user will be able to classify, evaluate and assess the risk. The application will contain the area for storing and managing Asset information, Asset Control Information, the Area for Incidents that has been detected in the organization and the Area for Vulnerabilities that could pose a potential threat to the assets and Information of the organization. Development Notes: We are also designing a paper to go with this application, where the user can fill the forms and enter the data. The information will be placed in a relational database and the application will be able to access these records and manage the organization’s information. A provision will be made in the program for extracting the required information from the database. A security audit should be conducted at the beginning of the process in order to review the controls being used and reevaluate the organizations compliance with the controls set forth in the standard. The ISMS-RAT’s functionality will have a sample configuration where the user can test the application before they use the program. The user should be able to highlight the part of the ISMS that he requires to put into place in a particular area of the program. The user should also be able to have assistance in this procedure of highlighting and filling in the fields. The user should be able to upload a document or photo to accompany the entry. When a document is uploaded, a field is enabled in the configuration to enable the user to set up the fields that are required. The user should also be able to add a


The application is basically classifying and listing the information which is deemed confidential or sensitive based on the type of data as well as the scope. It also has components like owners, beneficiaries, processes and procedures to enable one to easily trace all the documents, for which ISMS is being implemented. Once all the data is classified, the user is able to choose from a category of controls offered by the application based on the requirements of the document or assessment. Its also very useful in case of ISMS implementation as the organisation is able to classify all the data pertaining to it and suitably devise controls for the level of risk faced by it. Features of ISMSRAT 2022 Crack: 1) SMB to Enterprise level implementations with step by step process of implementation 2) Risk Assessment through security controls 3) Risk treatment plan which includes creating a list of controls along with their characteristics and level of threat. All the data is thereafter categorized for the level of risk. 4) Very flexible to customize to suit any organization. 5) Easy to use, user friendly interface 6) You can create your own custom controls, processes, records and policies as per organizational requirement. 7) Meeting Clause 4.3.1 8) The functionality and implementation of ISMS can be expanded as per business requirements. 9) Complete access to the database made possible through Online Data Base Interface, which is much easier to use and updatable from any location. 10) Generate audit/compliance checklist. ISMSRAT Specifications: 1) Upload key files and password / keys to server 2) You can select the desired number of documents, and then the application will show the classification of the document based on the type. 3) Select the required ‘level of ISMS document’ and start documenting. 4) Some templates are provided to enable one to pick from while documenting. 5) All the sections can be updated/added as per the requirement. 6) Click the edit button. 7) You can clear the entire field at any time and start over. 8) It shows the relevant headers for the respective section. 9) File can be uploaded separately or all the documents uploaded at one go. 10) The application will accordingly classify all the data. 11) Click ‘classify’ to classify the documents 12) After recording, information is auto-generated for the document(s). 13) When the application is editing, you can enter 2f7fe94e24


■ ISMSRAT is a document-based information security management software for the management of ISMS. ■ This application is a tool that can be downloaded and run in your PC ■ It will be the main source of information to understand the architecture, scope and Risk Assessment of your ISMS ■ The application can be purchased at a nominal cost ■ It is a stable and long-term application for ISMS Management ■ User friendly interface ■ The application runs on Windows Operating Systems ■ The application runs on all Windows Operating System versions (97/98/Me/2000/XP) ■ The application is compatible with Microsoft Office 2003. ■ This application also works with the following browser ■ Internet Explorer ■ Mozilla Firefox ■ Safari ■ Chrome ■ It requires minimum or no Office Application. ■ This application is cost-effective and economical. ■ For more information about the software and its features kindly visit the following link: Concept ■ Risk Assessment and Treatment plan can be defined based on the initial level of risk and Business impact ■ This application can also be integrated with different data management and Human Resource systems with ease ■ Designed to be easy and cost-effective ■ The application generates the certificate and SAO (statement of applicability) documents ■ The application includes all the required documents for implementation of ISMS with ease of use ■ It includes a cloud-based facilities to store the certificate, SAO and ISMS related documentation ■ License is free in case of validation ■ License is nominal for implementation of ISMS in non -government organizations. ■ The license will be updated based on the requirement of the organization ■ License is available for free in all other cases. ■ The application can be integrated with other systems like ERP, SCM, SAP, etc ■ The application can be installed by a network administrator without taking any help from IT person ■ The application is supported by the vendor for a long time. ■ It is written in Microsoft.NET framework and can be deployed in client, enterprise server or web-server. ■ The file

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ISMS-RAT is an easy to use application designed by the Sanra Software for ISMS implementation. This application can be used by all the stake holders (Risk Owners, Risk Managers, Contractor etc.) for the assessment of critical information assets, in order to carry out risk analysis and risk treatment planning. ISMS-RAT supports any of the accepted methodologies for implementing the ISMS by the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. ISMS-RAT has been developed with the main objectives of  To provide all the data required for  To support risk assessment and risk treatment planning in a highly user friendly way. ISMS-RAT supports the following methodologies:  APQC  HPEI  CSA  COBIT  ISA  COBIT  ITIL  MODA  SSAE 16  ISO27001  ESSAE 16  ISO20000  SANS 210  NCSC/ CTOC  SAFE  NIST  GRC  ISO 31000  ISA FS  COBIT  ISO/IEC 27001  NIST  ISO 9001  ISO/IEC 27001:2005  ISO 19011:2009  PMI  ISO 22301  ISO/IEC 27002  ISO/IEC 27003  SASI  COBIT  ISO/IEC 27002  ISO/IEC 27004  NIST  SANS TOP 500  SANS TOP 300  ISO 21527  ISO/IEC 27009  BSI Standards  International Security Association (ISA)  Software Assurance Foundation (SAFE)  Network Computing Security Architecture (NCSA)  NIST National Computer Security Center (NCSC)  Department of Homeland Security Common Criteria (DHS CC)  Federal Information Security Management Act (

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