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There’s no reason to feel pressured into hooking up whenever the situation arises. It’s just part of being an adult — everyone knows that. In fact, growing up can sometimes make you even less likely to want to tie yourself down with a long-term partner. No matter how much you’d like to throw yourself into a committed relationship, it can be tough to do so if you don’t ever plan on pursuing marriage or giving children your name. And because both of those are major points of focus for many people, the reality is that even if you’re of a more religious disposition (like me), you might find yourself resenting the pressures to be in a relationship, or even be committed to anyone in general. Whether it’s telling your friends about your new relationship and constantly comparing it to the last one, admitting that you’re not a big fan of monogamy, or carrying on conversations about people’s sex lives, your friends can’t help but hear you and be affected by it. The following infographic sums up some of the consequences of having casual sex, and the good and bad that come with it. How to tell if you’re in love with someone casualsexis you may as well be trying to figure out love at first sight. It makes perfect sense that you wouldn’t know for sure if casual sex is with love or not if you’re still having it. But there are some things you can keep an eye out for. For example, before you decide to become an amateur psychologist or pop psych, it’s important to recognize that a large majority of people who are having casual sex aren’t in love. About 20 percent of people who are having casual sex admit to being in love and 10 to 20 percent of people actually love their partners. However, the same survey reveals that most people feel a strong attraction to someone, regardless of whether that person is a romantic partner or someone that simply sparks their interest. п»їLove is so complex. A lot of men (or women, for that matter) think that finding a pure and beautiful woman is very difficult. That’s why they engage in hookup sex instead of getting to the essential and where life is taking place. But deep down they really want to be with that beautiful, sweet, beautiful woman who deserves the best. To be honest, to find the right love, you have to look deep inside yourself. It’s about your feelings, attitude, and how you deal with life. You have to love yourself first. It’s the
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Thus, whether you’re at home or on the streets, casual sex is a pretty common occurrence — that is, until relatively recently. But in today’s pop culture, we’re taught that casual sex is the norm — how can it be wrong, when it’s widely considered the desirable and accessible solution to a relationship issue? For all its benefits, casual sex isn’t exactly fun. In fact, for many, it’s downright stressful. Some casual sex scenes are little more than shadowy voyeurism. For others, as sex therapist Dr. Alex Pillay, author of The Art of Casual Sex, told InStyle in a recent interview, people are the audience of their own sex partners. That can add an extra layer of anxiety that can make the whole thing even less fun. So, does casual sex lead to anything? And if so, what are the downsides? Most casual sex encounters, like just about every type of sex, have a point and there is something that each person gains. Casual sex might be the most accessible for some, like the Netflix-and-chill culture of Tinder, but for others, it’s less about sex (or not that much about sex at all) and more about making friends. However, casual sex can become a journey — exploring what might be possible in the moment, even if it feels like little more than a series of sexual (and amorous) detours. Naughtiness can be an incentive To sum up all the possible benefits of hooking up here’s a summary from The stress-free side of sex If you’re having a hard time with a relationship, there’s nothing like a one-night stand to blow off some steam or end a relationship altogether. More fun in the bedroom Although the typical hookup is casual, there’s nothing casual about the sex that comes out of them. There’s a better than average chance you and your casual partner end up hitting some kink highs in no time. No commitment required When you have sex with a stranger, you don’t have to worry about who’s going to call each other, meet up again, or spend more time together. Some “friends with benefits” relationships can wind up lasting more than you’d expect, especially when they both hit it off with someone else! A more fulfilling sex life There’s an old saying in the world of dating: “You have to start