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“The big question is, can we simulate the combination of speed, strength, technique and quick decision-making that exists in the real-world?” said Andrew Zajac, senior gameplay designer at EA Sports. “This is about taking on a new challenge and using video analysis to unlock a whole new world of interesting and strategic gameplay. We put a lot of effort into increasing the speed of the player movements, and we will be able to deliver the unique action and skill of truly world class football players in the game.” The enhanced functionality of “HyperMotion” allows FIFA 22 to generate more realistic player movements, touch controls, and ball controls. It also adds more contextual animations and ball physics, which together create a more realistic, immersive experience. This new technology also creates more opportunities for on-field gameplay interactions, rewarding players with more options for their movement and playing style. Increased Player Stamina The player stamina mechanic has been improved significantly. Human physiology dictates that we can only sustain a certain amount of contact before our bodyguards start to revolt. The more we put our bodies through, the weaker we become, and we can no longer perform certain actions with effectiveness. So, when players sprint up the field, they will tire quickly because we’ve designed their stamina to match the player movements in the game. This means that the player who sprints the most will also tire the quickest and won’t be able to make the most effective and damaging attacks. To create more realistic fatigue, we have increased stamina decay. The fatigue system also alters how players perform over time. For example, players may start to slow down when they have a longer time to run, while the success of certain animations will vary by player and game situation. “We’ve also increased running energy and sprint energy. Players can use a lot more energy and sprint for longer distances, and they will become more fatigued with harder tackles.” Improved Skill Interactions We’ve also improved skill interactions in FIFA 22. Passing, dribbling, cutting, shooting and heading have all been improved. The ability to read the flight of the ball has been improved as well, and we’ve added more contextual animations and better physics to the ball. Passing can be more effective when you are open to receive the ball; a good ball can become a great pass if the player receiving the ball senses the flight of the ball and turns


Features Key:

  • New “FIFA 2k players” mode gives every player added depth and a personal story to bring them to life.
  • Animated player appearances and animations bring players to life, making use of real player data including stats and training movements.
  • “2K REALISM” mode accurately replicates real football on and off the pitch for any play-style.
  • The “INCHES” mode recreates authentic playing fields with stadium dimensions and animations, including a stand-out new “Ultimate Stadium” that comes complete with transport railway.
  • Every goal, save, and tactic comes with 360° direction change and player passes.
  • Many new celebrations, unique status effects and celebrations.
  • Player attributes and techniques optimised, so that players move and behave like they would on the pitch.
  • Dynamic Player Traits, includes the “Talents” system and individualised training routines.
  • Using all official data, a team can be created as any real name using the “FIFA mode” with more than eight million player names.
  • New goalkeeper animations, goals and saves.
  • Team leaders, scouts, attackers and defender roles and duties based on real players.
  • In FIFA’s “Scoreboard” mode (introduced in FIFA 18), players and teams now have individual highlight reel scenes based on the amount of touches during the match, not the amount of events played.
  • “Challenge” type modes, including Classic and Fifa Street tournament.
  • Replay and Highlights are completely re-designed and more detailed.
  • New turf colours and performance improvements up to four times faster than FIFA 21.
  • Match Day Improvement, allows managers to have their team perform at its best.
  • New 4K Ultra HD Hi-Definition graphics with detailed lighting, motion blur, specular highlights and more.


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FIFA is the world’s premier videogame franchise. Here are some of the ways we differ from the real sport: The player you control is not the starting 11. He’s the one who plays. Endorsements and merchandising drives gameplay. TV broadcasts don’t count. And, of course, the goalies don’t wear numbers. Last year we introduced more than 30 brand new features across your favorite modes, from the Ultimate Team experience to knockout gameplay and the return of the introduction sequence. In FIFA 22, we’re going one step further to deliver the most immersive football experience yet. In this new game, we’ve simplified FIFA’s many control schemes to make a more intuitive approach to control. We’ve introduced the ‘just-touch-to-pass’ new dribble system which makes free-kicks, corners and sliding tackles easier and more effective. Additionally, the player shown on the team page for your created team will be the player that plays during gameplay. Here are some of the ways the ‘just touch to pass’ new dribble system will make a big difference: More control for more talented dribbler FIFA has always emphasized creating a realistic experience for players, both those who play the sport on a daily basis and casual fans. One of the ways we’ve stayed true to this has been our focus on allowing players to focus on their own individual actions without having to navigate menus or concentrate on another player’s movements. But what happens when you’re a dribbler? How does movement help you? If you simply reach and move the ball, the outcome is not always what you want. It requires more time and planning. “When you touch and pass the ball, it becomes a different game,” said Demichelis. “You can vary your pace, pass with more confidence, and do so in a dynamic way—you get a lot more control over the opponent.” The new dribble system delivers more than just the new control required to dribble. It also provides the improvement to a player’s skills that we know a simulation sports game requires. It allows you to do things like: Slide or feint through a challenge, taking a defender with you. Pass off the dribble with more confidence. bc9d6d6daa


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Launch FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) to take part in one of the greatest competitions in soccer – for free. Create and mould your dream team on the pitch to conquer the world. Bring the global stars of today’s soccer world into your squad, or go one step further and compete against your friends in an all-new version of the popular Head-to-Head modes. Create the Story of a Pro – Choose from hundreds of possible permutations of player attributes and kit combinations, and upload your customised player to the game. Use the new “Hero Creator” to turn a basic player into a star. Controlled Dynamism – The new controlled dynamism gives fans, players and designers more ways to improve their customised play styles, while new options, new rendering techniques and more animations make for a more immersive viewing experience. 3D Off-the-ball Thinking – Experience 3D off-the-ball thinking throughout both play and set pieces thanks to the new In-Play engine. A new artificial intelligence engine powers the new HUD, a dynamic first-person camera, that lets you perform actions like backheel forwards and goalkeepers challenge for the ball with off-the-ball decisions at speed and the new ‘Big Picture Mode’ will let you see and feel the match from multiple angles. FIFA Mobile – Make new friends and challenge your rivals across ten new leagues in FIFA Mobile, a free-to-play mobile version of the World’s Game. Features include new network features, a new UI, and more. MORE: EA SPORTS FIFA 19 delivers astonishing visuals, groundbreaking gameplay, and an all-new Connection to the World where players can take a journey throughout history. Latest Features: FIFA 19 brings the FIFA experience into the World of Football, making the most compelling football game better than ever. EA SPORTS FIFA 19 features: OFF THE PITCH: New Career Mode: Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in FIFA 19, created by the same award-winning team that brought you FIFA 18 and FIFA 18 Ultimate Edition. In this addition to the World’s Game, live out your club’s dreams in the new Career Mode. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your club to glory. Or test your skills as a player


What’s new:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team Gets Pre-Seasons – Introducing “Pre-Seasons,” a new way to create the ultimate experience in Ultimate Team. These new games are available immediately and offer virtually unlimited free-to-play, and you can start playing them from the moment they go live.
    After Round 1 of the Pre-Season, you can unlock the rest of the games for FUT Champions.
  • EA SPORTS Season Mode
  • Skillshots
  • Better AI
  • New Player Traits
  • Better Crowd Engagement
  • Improved Touch and Improved User Interfaces.
  • Multi-touch Adaptive Controller Support
  • New Commentary Team/Caller Crew
  • Improved Weather Effects
  • Improved Party Effects
  • Updated User Stories and Game Teams
  • Retail Sales Missions
  • Rugby Campaign Mode
  • New Ultimate Team Battles
  • New Broadcast View
  • New Impact Matrix
  • Updated Match Editor.
  • Rugby World Cup


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Get more out of the game than ever before. Optimize your team, progress your career, or compete against players around the world and earn up to $19 million per club. Where to Buy Purchase Online Download the FIFA Mobile App at the iTunes App Store Released Time March 24, 2019 Platform iOS, Android, PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One Publisher EA Review Highlights FIFA Mobile Now Available from the App Store. Rivalry Mode Adds a New Dimension to your FIFA Season. New Ways to Approach Gameplay through New Shot Control, New Passing, New Tactics, and Customizable Fouls. FIFA Mobile for iOS Available NOW – iOS Device Switchable to PC/Mac/Android We have FIFA Mobile for iOS available now, which is compatible with iOS devices and can be switched to PC/Mac/Android. It’s fully optimized to work with mobile devices including iOS, Android and Windows devices, so all of your favorites are at your fingertips. Even with the smaller screen size, you’ll have plenty of room to pull up your game, watch replays, and easily take on your friends online. A custom license includes the FIFA Mobile app and players online, with a customizable main account with 12 game packs to earn and spend currency from. If you own an iPhone, iPad, iPod or iPod touch, or Android phone, tablet or wearable device, you can get yours now. Rivalry mode helps strengthen rivalries with up to five club captains vying for victory in a heated battle. New reward system for game wins and subbing in. Dynamic sticker market for quick evolution of your players on your squad. One of the most eagerly anticipated games of the year finally arrived in March and now FIFA Mobile is available for mobile devices. FIFA is already loved by millions of fans around the world, and this new experience will only enhance the FIFA community even more. FIFA is played on a global scale, spreading across Europe and Asia, and now you can play wherever you are. With the new FIFA Mobile, FIFA is free to play, allowing you to play as you create your own custom league and take on other managers from around the world. Long Awaited Feature: Being an early adopter of FUT, fans of the franchise expected many new things from this new installment and I have to say we were


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