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The following statements are courtesy of the game’s official website: FIFA 22 We have been obsessing over the secrets of FIFA players and their body motion for the past few years, all to inform our design of a game that better reflects the way in which football is played in the real world. “HyperMotion Technology” combines the motion capture of 22 professional players to deliver authentic player control and recreation of the most intense and challenging aspects of football, including live dribbling and real-world player acceleration and deceleration, tackle weighting and contact force, and the motions of ball-to-body contacts. Gameplay Overall, gameplay is more finely tuned and optimized to deliver authentic, soccer-like player control in FIFA 22. The game also features new FIFA Moments, which deliver realistic goal celebrations that showcase character and personality. FIFA 22 also introduces a new speed-based passing and shooting system that lets you build a passing and shooting style that is intuitive, effective and engaging. In FIFA 22, you can capture, analyse, share and execute the very best body actions. The new passing system is the first in the series to recognize how attacking players move when running with the ball. With the introduction of FIFA Moments, single-player users will also be able to create and share player-generated content, while allowing you to enjoy an even greater array of passing moves. When you get into a game, you will be able to try out a FIFA Moments activation by visiting the Communities page and then choosing from new “Reality Moments” that are selected by the FIFA community. Your player will then be treated to a series of Moments that will trigger against a pre-recorded player: the goalkeepers will react to EA SPORTS and Matthijs de Ligt’s ‘Goalkeeper’ Moments; as well as new player-generated content, including Dembele’s ‘Best Sneak’ or ‘Best Dribble’ while he was with Barcelona. The new, pace-based passing system lets you build a passing and shooting style that is intuitive, effective and engaging. FIFA Moments FIFA Moments are mini-games created by the EA community. Set your shot, play keepie-uppie, create and customize a brand-new team or just enjoy a pre-recorded Moment in your FIFA Moments panel. Speed-based passing and shooting system With the introduction of FIFA Moments, single-player users will also be able


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology” – controlled with either the Joystick or the Touch Controller, you’ll feel every tackle, dribble, parry and shot on the pitch.
  • Breathtaking graphics and a huge roster of unique players create an authentic football experience.
  • FIFA 22 introduces the all-new “Pro-Lineout” feature. Gamers can work in unison to pinpoint and intercept passes. When a pass is picked up, you’ll immediately line up one of your teammates next to the player making the pass.
  • A brand new Player Identity and AI systems debuts in FIFA 22. As a FIFA Pro, your identity plays an important role when you start up Career Mode and NPL (National Pro Leagues) games. Player and Manager Traits are used by opposition AI and, similar to Player Power, traits are player-specific and can be mixed and matched.


Fifa 22 [Win/Mac]

FIFA is the world’s leading videogame brand*. It is the best-selling videogame franchise of all time, with over 120 million units sold. It’s where the world plays. *As of October 2017, as per Kantar. Features Power Your Team With a brand new power meter in game, players will experience greater control and more opportunities to take on the opposition. In addition to marking the return of a short pass option, players will also have more control on where they receive the ball, which is designed to create opportunities to attack. A new Pure Kicks option gives players the ability to attempt a 50/50 ball with a defender on the edge of their box. These and other new features enhance players’ ability to dictate the pace and intensity of the game. A new second touch in the penalty box allows players to change the ball before the defender is making contact, offering a new avenue to goal. New Power Play Tool Move the ball to the open man in the offensive zone, and then make your move when he’s in position. Or use a new quick pass function to get the ball into a forward’s feet. Now there’s an opportunity to attack from any position. A New Era of FIFA Football retains its unique identity as the most popular sport in the world, and now it’s even more accessible than before. The all-new EA SPORTS FIFA experience includes new touches that enable players to easily connect with football. An expanded suite of social features enhance the popularity of the game and the online experience, and the award-winning Frostbite Engine helps bring the game to life. More than 10 Years of Football Experience The new FIFA experience starts from the introduction of the ball down to the final whistle. From your team’s first touch to the final pass, every aspect of the gameplay has been evaluated to deliver the most realistic feeling of the game. With all-new gameplay features, players can now see and feel the contact on the ball, as well as the pressure applied by defenders. Players have complete control over the ball, and with goalkeepers that makes every save vital. Authentic Football Thrills Over 120 years of football. Unparalleled authenticity. Players are breathing life into more than 70 licensed leagues. The most accurate player models on the market. Real-world animations and bc9d6d6daa


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Build your own dream team to play against other players in single player mode or play your favourite players and clubs against other players in online leagues. Use your favourite footballers to bring the style of football you want to the pitch. Brand new in FIFA 22 are the Online Seasons. During Online Seasons new challenges will appear every week as well as a weekly challenge. Earn coins and points during the weekly challenge, which you can use to unlock in-game items and player rewards. CARA MODE Create your own player with the new Player Card Creator, making building your squad much more fun. The Player Card Creator gives you complete control over your player’s attributes: aim, muscle power, dribbling, ball control, and speed. The Player Card Creator lets you pick from more than 100 customizable cards – in-game and created by EA SPORTS gamers – and you can easily alter your new player’s attributes to suit your game plan. Additional cards will be unlocked as you play the game. If you want to build your squad, complete challenges and impress friends, let the Player Card Creator do the hard work. CHALLENGES Challenge friends and rivals online, to see how you match up in your favourite games. Play Pro Clubs to earn coins and FIFA Points. Earn Coins in-game using set goals in games and in Challenges. You can also earn more Coins by playing the Coin Hunt game mode and finishing Pro Clubs missions. SYNC & TRACKER Catch all the important information in-game using the new sync and tracker in-game, as well as via smartphones. With the sync and tracker you’ll no longer be restricted to the pause menu and can play while you walk around the park. LEVEL UP FIFA Game Changers will unlock as you progress through the game. Use EA SPORTS Game Changers to level up your favourite clubs and unlock exclusive badges and ultimate team kits. FIFA INCLUSIVE MODE Pitch your teams against other user created teams in online leagues, or play your clubs in offline or online FIFA Leagues. Each league offers up to six matches in which to earn prizes and points. MATCHMAKING Follow the buzz of pro football, and enjoy a whole new way to play with the game’s new Match Making. Choose a team, from a variety of leagues, based on your profile preferences, or create your own custom league and invite friends to join. CRE


What’s new:

  • New game engine powered by Frostbite.
  • 19 stadiums, over 1,000 player faces, and performance that scales with your device.
  • New controls and game modes.
  • New game mechanics.
  • Seasonal changes and rewards.
  • Full camera and true physical player movement.

FIFA Superstars League

FIFA 22 features a completely redesigned community mode, featuring frequent matches, weekly tournaments, fantasy leagues with weekly win bonuses, and a massive competitive season.

Touchdown Planet

The game includes 100 different stadiums, and the player can compete in over 300 player made teams in this play as a developer of FIFA Ultimate Team, a full motion-capture Rookie, GameChanger Clinic, and more.

SEN All Stars

SEN All Stars features new offensive and defensive lineups of the greatest players of the 20th century and beyond. Players including Pele, Diego Maradona, Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldo, Cantona, Zico, Maradona, Garrincha, Eusebio, George Best, and Van Basten to name just a few. All the game modes are accessible with this enhanced line up.


  • Live in the trenches as both player and manager in FIFA’s reimagined Career Mode.
  • Create and join a club in a more immersive way. From the team’s crest to the stadium and kit you play in, your club’s look and feel comes to life.
  • Race the clock in the fast-paced Solo tournament mode.
  • Take on your friends in up to three-way online matches.
  • Master the defensive and offensive roles by customizing lineups of legendary world stars.
  • Create, train, and manage your ultimate team of real-life players in the award-winning gameplay of Ultimate Team.
  • Perform a high-intensity, fully-realised match in spectacular stadiums based on real-world venues.


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FIFA is the leading videogame franchise that puts you in the heart of the ultimate sport: soccer. With realistic 3D gameplay, real-world teams and club inte… What is FIFA? FIFA is the leading videogame franchise that puts you in the heart of the ultimate sport: soccer. With realistic 3D gameplay, real-world teams and club interactions, and an all-new Career Mode, FIFA 22 takes the most popular sport on the planet and puts you in the middle of the action. The Goalkeeper: Consistency Matters Over the course of a match, make countless saves, but only one thing counts – accuracy. The Goalkeeper has an amazing range of skills that can set you apart from the competition. Master the art of touch, speed and anticipation to stop passes, headers, crosses and shots, then rebound, throw-in or punch the ball. Staying grounded is the key to your success in the New England Revolution uniform. Whether you’re playmaking on defense, rebounding or protecting the back line, every aspect of the goalkeeper position comes to life as never before. Your Touch: Utilizing Finesse With touch and anticipation, you’re the ultimate punter, foiling your opponent’s attacks and finishing clearances with pinpoint accuracy. Pick apart your opponent with your range of skills and finesse your way through the backfield with ease. Get control of the ball and apply touch and power, then send a powerful kick or a strong pass to break the line. Leverage your movement. Maneuver through the defense using feints and fake runs. Be careful though, you must always be on your toes, ready to jump. Speak up: Rapid Fire and Tactful Demands When your teammates win the ball and your goalkeeper is in position, let them know what you need right away. Speak up in the form of a direct call to make the right play, an order for a teammate to move up or help off the ball, or a quick tactical suggestion. You’ll need to make every decision in the heat of the action, but with the right communication you can direct the flow of the game. Know your moment. As a goalkeeper, the key is to keep your cool and be in the right spot at the right time. Your teammates, coaches and opponents will also need to


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