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Using computer hardware and deep-learning techniques, the in-game Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine will use all that information to analyze moves that influence the outcome of the game, as well as changes in player behavior based on the outcome, in order to determine the most effective strategy against a specific opponent. Markus Schoof, FIFA Global Product Group Director said: “We are very excited to introduce a new and even more intelligent AI engine that will help us achieve a new level of realism in FIFA, with the benefits for both the players and the fans. It’s going to be an AI engine unlike anything that exists today, which will ultimately ensure we never run out of great football in any game mode.” Watch: EA Sports’ FIFA 20 Reveal Trailer – FIFA 19 Tomorrow – 10am BST on – And via EA Access for Xbox, Origin Access for PC and the EA Access App on iOS and Android Share this content Unlimited FIFA 20 Review: 9/10 Gameplay The introduction of “HyperMotion Technology” has made FIFA 20 a more intuitive, more accessible and more authentic football experience, with some of the improvements already found in FIFA 19. The biggest gameplay changes are an improved defensive AI, penalty box, penalty kick system, more robust possession system and the introduction of a new 1-on-1 System that enables an AI-controlled defender to intercept a ball heading towards a specific player. FIFA 20 has a brand new line-up of commentary teams with Ronaldinho taking over from Clive Tyldesley at the main studio. The two men are joined by Steve Bower, Alex Curran, Phil Neville, Jon Champion and Kenneth Winter. A new feature allows fans to ‘listen to the match wherever they are’ by allowing them to stream on tablets, smartphones and connected devices. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the game, FIFA Ultimate Team received additional features not found in previous iterations including the ability to perform ‘Goal Challenges’ using an Ultimate Team card, a brand new cards and boosters system, new XP card and new backpack items, all designed to provide a more personalised experience. The game also includes a brand new Player Collections feature which allows fans to store and track their favorite players and tactics, while also enabling them to share their favorite players with friends. The “HyperMotion Technology” has made a game that is more immersive and authentic. Football Director Alex Beard said


Features Key:

  • Take on the role of a real pro as you create and manage your ultimate team in Career Mode
  • Build the best team with accuracy and style, using authentic kits and tailor made lineups to dominate your competition
  • Design your stadium and show supporters just how much you care, as every choice is tracked to impact gameplay
  • Master a variety of skills and techniques such as finesse, power, precision, and more
  • Be fearless in goal, adapt your game to a variety of match scenarios, and show your team spirit each time you challenge in a meaningful way
  • Take control of 23 authentic footballing nations and compete in 32 UEFA Champions League games
  • Collect over 700 club memorabilia cards – like in-game gold and silver editions of the latest kits
  • Control 21 clubs including Chelsea, Napoli, Real Madrid and Man United
  • Live the life of the billionaire playboy with a new lifestyle that lets you make it rain
  • Explore the vibrant and rich city environments of London, Rome, Madrid and beyond
  • Celebrate 21 countries in culture including Japan, China, Russia, Portugal, and more
  • Care for your team in a more meaningful way, including player retirements and transactions
  • Instantly create your Ultimate Team by playing in the free-to-start FIFA Ultimate Team Manager
  • Build a training ground with over 1,000 players to train and play in a wide array of conditions
  • Train and progress your players to develop and unlock tactics that take advantage of your footballing know-how and expertise
  • Adapt your game to a wide range of match scenarios, including Champions League competitions, cup finals, FA Cup, Bundesliga, Copa America, Europa League and many more
  • Build a winter training camp
  • Design your club’s Next Gen Systems (ie. Stadium, Analytics, etc.)
  • Play and manage match day tickets and concessions, modernize players, and more
  • Transfer entire teams across the globe
  • Extensive planning, preparation, and an in-depth attention to detail make every game a unique experience
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    FIFA is the most popular, authentic and most respected video game on the planet and was created by EA Canada. It is the definitive football video game, featuring real-life and licensed teams, clubs, and stadiums. Perfect your skills in career mode and make memories in gameplay modes like tournament mode, online season mode, head-to-head mode, and club match mode. FIFA also includes Ultimate Team, a collection-based gameplay mode where you build and manage your own fantasy team from real players in the FUT Legend and FUT Champions packs. FIFA’s authenticity comes with exclusive license agreements with around 300 teams, 40 leagues and more than 6,000 licensed player attributes. The gameplay innovations that revolutionised FIFA 12 continue to bring the game forward, including new control methods, camera angles, dribbling, and player intelligence. All these improvements are wrapped into gameplay that feels fluid and reactive. FIFA 14 sold more than 47 million units worldwide, and FIFA 15 debuted with more than 70 million total sales. The FIFA franchise has the third highest title on retail sales for a video game in history. FIFA is the biggest sports franchise of all time.Google’s privacy policy has once again been the target of criticism, following the latest revelation that the search engine giant is amassing an incredibly detailed database on the browsing habits of its users. The company has been collecting data on the websites users visit – including the address, the search term that was used to find the website, along with click details such as browser type, operating system and other information – in order to target advertising more effectively. Privacy advocates said the collection of such data amounted to a violation of individuals’ rights to privacy. READ MORE: NSA Leaks – What You Need To Know ‘Undermining privacy’ Google declined to comment when approached by, but several experts did agree that the data collection may have been a violation of users’ privacy rights, a notion that Google chief legal officer David Drummond confirmed. Drummond said Google respects the privacy of its users, but added that as long as it complies with data protection law, it has “every right to collect whatever information we want” and use it to “make our services better”. “If we don’t take that information, we can harm consumers by making it difficult to find and use our services,” he said. He added that bc9d6d6daa


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    FUT gives you new ways to play with brand new customization features, live events, and the ability to play locally or online to create the ultimate team of players for the game. Whether you play offline or online, FUT matches the intensity of live soccer with real emotion from the commentators and the crowds. LAWS OF THE GAME PASSING AND CONTROL Footwork and control are the keys to effective team play. Good players read and react to opponents, anticipate their moves, and know when to move forward and when to give the ball away. COLLEGE FOOTBALL Create, join, or save college teams. College teams are not in season during play. TEAM DYNAMICS Your club is made up of real people with real people skills, and chemistry between teammates can be the difference between scoring goals and conceding them. TOUCHES Whether you are assessing a run or dashing away from a challenge, identify your target with greater accuracy. In FIFA 22, both new controls and gameplay mechanics put the focus on being able to deliver the perfect touch to score. STRIKES Beware of a well-timed run on goal. Block shots and anticipate accurate strikes. An extra split-second of awareness can be the difference between a goal and a save. INJURIES Care for your players, keep them healthy, and keep them off the physio table. Harsh tackles and tackles out of position can decrease a player’s performance. Injuries are tracked system-wide so your team will be at its best to take on your opponents. CLIMATE CHANGE The FIFA World Cup will no longer be an annual event in FIFA 22. FIFA World Cups in previous years were an exhibition event at a fixed stadium outside of the season. FIFA World Cups in FIFA 22 will bring a unique setting and capture the true intensity of the tournament, while introducing new features that promote a more authentic match-day experience. MANAGEMENT Lead a team of players, manage staff, host events, negotiate trades, and develop your club. Make sure your club has the right players in the right positions to win, and challenge your rivals as a boss player in real-time. DYNAMIC GRAPHICS Advanced 3D animation workflows, a revamped Frostbite Engine, and improved lighting and shading techniques bring a deep and realistic look to the entire game, including realistic player animations


    What’s new:

    • Updated stadiums – Mix up the celebrations with new stadium designs.
    • Overhauled AI – Tackle, dribble and pass with a level of sophistication never seen before.
    • New Manager Experience – Become a club legend in FIFA 22. Recruit and manage up to 5,000 FIFA stars across your club.
    • New animations – New animations enable players to do things they have never thought possible.
    • UI – User interface has been completely overhauled – from the way you view the match to the way you manage your club.
    • Head tracking – Head tracking delivers a new dimension to the viewing experience. Using head tracking creates a more lifelike match, by replicating player movements, allowing you to see everything right above the shoulder of the shoulder the player is approaching.
    • Motion Look – Gives players a new dynamic look, character and body language.
    • Improved player movement – Players have more fluid and direct movements using Real Player Motion system.
    • Goalkeeper button – When defending crosses, follow with your button to diving save.
    • New Pitch Regions – A more natural pitch adjusting features that use environmental data to understand the characteristics of the pitch and make pitch construction more accurate.


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    FIFA is the most authentic football game on any platform. With FIFA, for the first time ever, you can be the hero on the pitch in the most famous football leagues around the world. Compete in The Game itself or in online leagues, and rise through the ranks with your friends to play for any of the over 700 licensed teams. The Ultimate Team: Play with the most in-depth progression systems on any console Feature set: Watch your favorite clubs use new formations, tactics and set-pieces; customize and build a dream squad using over 600 players with unique attributes; play in realistic stadiums with stunning 3D visuals; play with thousands of authentic football fans. Experience the Show Improve your team’s performance in-game and interact with fans in official UEFA Champions League stadiums as you compete in regular and knockout phases, or challenge friends to online or local multiplayer matches. And when the real thing begins, live the experience of watching the game on your TV with EA SPORTS™ FIFA Ultimate Team™ integration for full game support, a host of additional media and immersive commentary. Explore the World of FIFA Collect amazing, in-depth licensed accessories for every player, including some previously released FIFA Ultimate Team™ cards featuring real players. Discover in-depth stats for every player, and unlock new players through weekly live events and authentic competitions from the real world. Take over the pitch as a manager in weekly live events and online play, complete in-game challenges, and go head-to-head against friends in split-screen 2v2. Play In any League FIFA is the only game that gives you the freedom to play in any league around the world. Compete in the NFL™, the Champions League™, La Liga™, Bundesliga™, Serie A™, Ligue 1™, and more. Complete your club’s roadmap in the real world to earn coins that you can spend in-game. This includes the start of the 2017/18 UEFA Champions League™ campaign. Go Pro Join the world’s top soccer scouts and become a real-life football agent for your clubs. Draft, train, negotiate, and manage the careers of your global scouts and lure the best prospects from around the world. Take over your scouts’ full agent careers to quickly build a winning team. Face of the Game Play as any of the over 700 licensed teams in all competitions, including England’s


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