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Factoring Calculator is a speedy and intuitive application that gives you the possibility to find out the prime factors of any specified number. It doesn't include complicated features, making it accessible to users looking for a straightforward means of learning prime factors, such as math students. Pay attention to the installer The tool gets unpacked fast. However, it's ad-supported, and this means that it offers to download and install third-party components that it doesn't need to work properly, as well as to make modifications to some web browser settings. If you don't hurry with the wizard steps, you can decline all offers to make a clean setup unless you're interested. Just keep in mind that Internet Explorer must be installed on the PC, otherwise it won't work properly. Quickly find out the prime factors of any number As far as the interface is concerned, Factoring Calculator has just one window that shows a couple of dialog boxes and a button. You can either type or paste the number and click the button to find out the prime factors swiftly. They are separated by the multiplication symbol to spot the easy. Aside from the fact that you can select and copy text using the Ctrl+C hotkey or through the right-click menu, there are no other noteworthy aspects about this tool. For instance, it doesn't implement features for calculating the prime factors of multiple numbers at the same time, which would've significantly improved large tasks. Evaluation and conclusion Although it doesn't have a resourceful set of features, Factoring Calculator delivers a fast, easy-to-use and effective method of decomposing numbers to find out prime factors. It used minimal memory and RAM in our tests, so it didn't hog system resources. Just be careful with the installer so you don't end up setting up unwanted programs.









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Whether you are a newcomer or an expert, you can easily work out prime factors without any difficulty. You can easily find out prime factors and factorize numbers with the built-in calculator. Supported platforms: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 The interface of the app is clean and easy to use. No adware, spyware or toolbars. It is easy to upgrade if you need to enhance the app’s capabilities. No cost, no time-consuming. Efficient and functional app, which works smoothly. No complicated functions, features or settings to worry about. Fun to use, with friendly user interface. What’s New in Update 1.0.2: Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Bug fix. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Bug fix. Fixed an issue. App ChangeLog Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Fixed an issue. Bug fix. App Screens Permissions requires following permissions on your android device. android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE android.permission.INTERNET android.permission.READ_EX

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