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DYN500 is a simple to use audio plugin that enables you to compress the audio signal in an effective and simple manner. The plugin offers soft-knee compression coupled with gentle tape saturation and is designed to to be CPU efficient.









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Pure Audio is delighted to announce the release of AVEX Version 2.0 – the latest incarnation of the popular, versatile AVEX audio effect plug-in. AVEX 2.0 addresses the biggest issues and problems found in the original version and then takes things to the next level. This new version is now multi-threaded, plus both the effects and the user interface have been redeveloped to be more intuitive and powerful. AVEX 2.0 is truly a ‘Game Changer’ for both user and effect developer alike. AVEX V2.0 offers a range of new features and improvements including: ·Easy to use User Interface ·Combination/Formant: Up to 16 segmented formant filtering ·Adaptive Analysis Targeting ·Adaptive Gain Control ·Crop Woes Solved ·Amplifier Monitors ·Scaleable Formant What’s New in AVEX V2.0? The AVEX User Interface The latest version of AVEX has been completely revamped and improved. The user interface has now been completely revamped, with its focus and emphasis shifting towards audio editing. The new version is not only easier to navigate, but also has an improved look and feel. The interface consists of four parts: ·Section This section allows you to select and manipulate the format of an input audio signal. It lets you take any input, process it and then save it as any combination of different options and export the output to any format. ·Process This part is where you select the audio plug-in from the huge range of available plug-ins and start customizing the signal. ·Crop This section allows you to crop the raw input data at the time of processing. You can choose to keep the original data at all times or adjust the size of the output signal based on the input. ·Preset Presets are user-defined settings and settings that are saved and recalled later. In AVEX V2.0, you can save up to 20 presets and run them all in succession with ease. The new version offers five preset slots for users to save presets. Every preset that is saved and recalled by the user can be saved/recalled in any order. The list of available presets is displayed in a form of six

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The Analog Impulse plugin features a simple compressor that is designed to behave slightly different to standard compressors. It offers 4 slide control knobs that offer 6 different compression settings to help you dial in exactly what compression to the track you are working on. The four optional compression curves can be controlled individually or as a group. The effect is very subtle, but delivers professional results for a great price. The plugin features a three band EQ and saturation that are set as standard for all four of the compression settings. The three band EQ is designed to help you shape the sound to your liking. There is a minor preset save and recall feature included. The plugin comes with 8 presets for you to choose from. The release options also include the option to save and load presets. PS1 Files are (My)Links to File Sizes with Information Compress MXS Files by the right program that compresses the file size by saving MXS files with its information like: Bit rate, sample rate, time, size and bit depth. My Programs and DLLs for Compression are compatible with the Compress MXS Files feature. DYN500 Full Crack is a very easy to use compressor plugin for Audacity. The plugin features a simple design with 4 independant compression controls. The four compression settings are – soft knee, linear, square and fast. Each of these can be selected to be applied to one of the four band equalizers. If only one band of the four equalizers is set, that band applies to the selected compression setting. A brief help screen is provided. If you have a Macintosh, do note that this plugin is not native, meaning that it will not be seen inside the main menu, but you will be able to access all features from its own sub-menu. It does offer a limited Preset Load/Save function, but only for the 4 compress settings. A three band EQ and a saturation control are provided. The Q and S controls are set as standard for each of the four compress settings. You can select one of the 8 included presets that do not contain an EQ. Another interesting feature is the fact that the plugins settings can be set for a file/folder by adding a Batch Compress file/folder function. This offers you the possibility to do this on a folder or file basis. The plugin has a crude, 2f7fe94e24

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DYN500 is a simple to use audio plugin that enables you to compress the audio signal in an effective and simple manner. The plugin offers soft-knee compression coupled with gentle tape saturation and is designed to to be CPU efficient. Compared with other audio compressors like the Dynamics, It offers: It offers: – Easily to use interface. – Minimal CPU usage. – Compression settings are optimized for use with audio. – Very low memory usage. – Compression algorithm based on Sinusoidal Excitation Technique (SET). – Audio levels controlled by the user. – Tone capture options available in the Designers View. – Inexpensive and compact size. – Dependable. – Original UNIQUE sound. Key Features: – CPU efficient. – Excellent quality. – Only 1MB in size. – The processing speed of over 100x faster than the average compressor. – 100% Free and Open Source. – Versatile. – Easy to use. – Can be used for any type of audio. – Wide Dynamic Range. – Equalization. – Four Band equalizer. – Only 1MB in size. – Compression algorithm based on Sinusoidal Excitation Technique (SET). – Converts audio to a mono signal (normalize between -1 to 1). – Multiband compression. – Parallel compression. – Audio levels controlled by the user. – Tone Capture. – Tone control. – Easy to use with a simple interface. – Effects are included. – Linear and Nonlinear. – Four Effects included: Soft Knee, Tape Saturation, High Pass, Low Pass. – Sounds similar to the dynamics. – Sound can be stored and extracted on a clip-by-clip basis. – Can be compressed from any length audio. – Can be used with audio of any length. – Audio volumes are controlled by the user. – Audio channels can be selected by the user. – Can be used with any audio device. – The DYN500 is optimized for use with audio. – Uses a single internal audio source. – Can be used with any audio source and any output device. – DYN500 can be used for any type of input audio source like instruments, vocals, and so on… – Full View Mode. – Control View Mode. – 12x

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The Dynar 500 is designed to be CPU-efficient and is used as an audio compression unit on hi-fi audio equipment. The unit’s compression units are fed by a variable input signal and output audio with a dynamic output control. The unit’s compressor’s degree of compression is adjustable via built-in volume control. Your Dynar 500 is simple to use and is only limited by the amount of samples that can be stored on a hard drive. The Dynar 500 offers a number of different compression types (limiting, high-pass/low-pass, multi-band, etc.). The Dynar 500 can be used as an analog or digital compressor, and any audio or ADAT recordings are possible. The compressor section of the DYNAR 500 is protected by a standard cutoff switch so that the compressor’s volume is not affected by the output level. The Dynar 500 provides a highly accurate audio signal that can be stored for a few seconds and then used on the output mix as a reference or to de-ess. The DYNAR 500 is a very flexible compressor capable of handling both compressed and non-compressed material. No other compressor is as versatile! Reaper-Applied Feedback Remover is the fastest, easiest way to remove feedback from your audio recordings. The application works on WAV files from your PC or Mac, but also accepts audio files from hard drives, memory cards, and mobile devices. It automatically detects the frequency of feedback, removes it, and lets you easily correct the cut based on it’s frequency. The feedback can be removed from any sound, but works best when applied to full-bandwidth signals. Reaper-Applied Feedback Remover has a few useful features: * Provides feedback rejection for your audio by converting the audio to a high-pass, low-pass, or band-pass filter. * Allows you to select the frequency of the feedback for a more precise cut. * Provides a range of time-invariant and time-variant configurations, with plenty of options to tailor the results. * Includes presets based on specific audio uses. * And much more… Efficient Waveform Equalizer is an all-in-one waveform equalizer for Mac OS X, designed especially for audio professionals. With it, you can boost the low, high, middle, and cut frequencies of your audio, as well as alter any other audio parameter. By using the intuitive, graphical user


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Minimum: OS: Windows XP (32 bit or 64 bit) CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 3400+ RAM: 2 GB HDD: 50 GB Graphics: ATI Radeon X1600 DirectX: 9.0c Network: Broadband Internet connection Additional Notes: Download size is about 400 MB Recommended: CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.53 GHz / AMD Athlon X