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DLL Injector is a simple tool that allows you to expand the functionality of various applications with the help of the components from the selected DLL file. The program allows you to insert the code from the selected dynamic link library into a running process or in any other form, such as executables. Reliable and easy to use tool DLL Injector is lightweight, easy to use and does not require installation. In other words, basically any user could perform the injection, the process is quick and a notification box is displayed to inform you of its success. As soon as you open DLL Injector, it can detect the currently running processes and allows you to load the dynamic link library, from a local folder. Of course, you need an appropriate level of privileges on the system start, in order to modify a program’s memory and running patterns. While this process can be performed from the Windows API, DLL Injector offers you a quicker and more simple alternative. Insert a dynamic library in a program A .dll file, or a dynamic link library is a set of code lines defining various components that programs require in order to properly function. Generally, if a program requires a certain .dll file, it is enough to copy it in its installation folder. However, if a particular .dll file is not needed for the proper functioning of a program, DLL Injector can help you insert it. Simply run the program, open DLL Injector and wait until it detects your process. Open the desired .dll file and click Inject. Expand programs’ functionality with .dll components DLL Injector is a reliable tool that can come in handy especially for game developers or users who deal with security applications. It can easily append the functionality of a process with the desired components, contained in the selected dynamic link library. Moreover, it can perform the injection in a matter of seconds.







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Most often, users are looking for a way to inject component code to system-level applications. DLL Injector help you to expand your programs’ functionality with its components. DLL Injector, a lightweight and reliable tool, allows you to dynamically bind together a.dll component file and the main executable. DLL Injector is an injector that will automatically combine an.dll with a launcher. Simple to use DLL Injector is a user-friendly and handy tool which is specially designed for gamers or users of security programs. With only a few clicks, you can add the component to the game’s executable file and seamlessly inject this component into the game in the running process. With DLL Injector, it is possible to expand a software with the desired components, extracted from a.dll file. Using DLL Injector, you can expand Windows system applications, such as games or security programs, like WinRAR, WinSCP, etc. Best ever features, recommended for professional users! Version 2.0.7 This version of DLL Injector supports Windows 10 64-bit. Summary of the changes: – Added a security configuration menu to let the user decide which users have admin rights, where the injection will be executed, and whether or not the user is an administrator in the system. – Added the ability to launch the program’s installer file. – Added a link to the program installation folder in the main window. – Added the ability to inject into a running program. – Added a notification box in the main window. – Added the ability to load the.dll and launcher into separate processes. – Added the ability to set the timeout for the injection of dynamic libraries. – Added support for 32-bit.exe files (Windows 8 and older). – Added a notification window for injecting a dynamic library. – Added the ability to inject additional components into a runnig process. – Added the ability to specify the maximum memory to allocate to the injected process (where the dynamic library will be loaded). Actions Information about the Injector More infos about DLL Injector You’re using an old version of DLL Injector. Please upgrade to the latest version and re-test.1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a

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It detects your running processes and allows you to load the dynamic link library. Add the components of a dynamic link library to a running process. Inject the code from the selected dynamic link library into a running process or into any other form. The entire process is quick and a simple notification box is displayed to inform you of its success. Lightweight, easy to use and does not require installation. Insert a dynamic library in a program, expand programs’ functionality with.dll components. Changes compared to previous versions Improved Injection Target detection Basic Injection Options: You can select the process to inject (the process which you want to modify with code) in the list of running processes. After you have selected the process to inject, you can select one of the following options: Performance: It slows down the process It changes the behavior of the process, modifying the behavior as you prefer Basic Injection Options: It can inject the code into the main thread or any other threads of the running process. It can add, replace or delete modules (add, replace or delete code from the dll file). Advanced Injection Options: It can configure the Injection in the following options: LoadLibrary: It can load the required DLL in the main process folder It can load the required DLL in the specified path It can load the required DLL as a system file It can load the required DLL in a system folder Message You can set a short notification message before the injection Error Handling You can give a name for the injected dll Append Injection You can set the Injection location for each module, so you can specify a certain folder LoadLibrary You can load the required dll AddToList You can add the selected.dll file to the list of currently injected dll files RemoveFromList You can remove the current.dll file from the list of currently injected dll files I don’t think you can inject a dll into the.exe that you run but you can put it in the folder in the installation folder. Simply put it in the folder with the application and you could then direct the application to the folder with the dll and it should 02dac1b922

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DLL Injector is a unique utility for programmers and computer enthusiasts. It allows you to inject the code of an assembly into any running process. And the process does not have to be run in the Administrator mode. To get the program running in the current session, you will need to simply reboot. DLL Injector features: • Provides the injection of an assembly into any process without the need of a reboot • Executes the injection from a shortcut (such as Autorun.inf) • Supports all Win32 versions, including Win7 • Supports all languages (English, French, German, and Italian) • Allows you to get the running process with a specific name, or from a specific folder (such as Temporary or Recycle Bin) • Compatible with all editions of Windows • Inserts the code from the selected dynamic link library into the process memory • Wipes out the code after the injection is complete (so it won’t show in Process Monitor) • Automatically detects the process to inject into and shows the notification • Works from the command line and the Windows API What’s New in DLL Injector 10.0 • Can inject DLL files into the memory of a process with greater privileges and the process does not have to be run in the Administrator mode • Can inject the code from the selected dynamic link library into a running process How to use and install DLL Injector 10.0 DLL Injector 10.0 is a freeware program and no installation is needed. You can simply run it from your hard disk and start injecting your processes with the designed code from a local folder. In order to perform an injection, open the desired.dll file and click Inject. It is that simple. After the injection is complete, the process will continue to work normally and will show the success notification. Please note that you should have write access to the directory where the.dll files reside. This release also includes a command line interface with the following functionalities: – Inject the code from the selected dynamic link library into a running process – Include the code from the assembly (the name of which is specified by the -S switch) into the process memory – Inject the code from the selected assembly into the processes that you specify with the -d switch About the program: DLL Injector is a simple tool that allows you to expand the functionality

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Download DLL Injector and enjoy the benefits of this powerful and easy-to-use utility. Key Features of DLL Injector: ✔ Detects running processes and all their properties in seconds, including a status bar. ✔ Allows you to load a.dll file into an affected process with a single click. ✔ Uses a Memory Injection technique, which allows you to modify a process’s memory content. ✔ Suitable for games, programs, and even PC security applications. ✔ The software is optimized for all different types of architectures, platforms and languages. ✔ Enhanced by a vast community. ✔ Simple to use and easy to understand. Usage of DLL Injector: DLL Injector is a very useful program that supports a huge variety of operating systems and has an extended list of supported dynamic link libraries. Moreover, it is one of the most popular programs in this field. However, DLL Injector has a limited number of configuration and memory limits, which I have talked about below. Since the program is open source, you can edit it, in order to develop even better versions. It also requires administrative privileges on the system start, in order to modify a process’s memory content. DLL Injector Requirements: The program is compatible with all different types of Windows, including 32-bit, 64-bit systems. In case you use a different platform or operating system, the program can handle any other one. Moreover, this tool is compatible with the majority of languages and operating systems. DLL Injector Limitations: In case the program attempts to modify a running process, the system can react negatively, depending on the program and the current state. If a process is not in a running mode, the program will be unable to effectively inject the specified components. If you apply the latest changes to an unmodified version of the affected process, the system may crash, or you may encounter an error message. DLL Injector Alternatives: If you wish to perform the injection of a dynamic link library into a program, DLL Injector is one of the easiest and best-suited programs to help you. It is easy to use and has a limited number of configuration and memory limits. Moreover, as I said, DLL Injector is perfect for all different types of systems, not to mention its compatibility with a wide range of


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OS: Windows XP SP3 or later (32-bit or 64-bit versions) Processor: Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom II X4 Memory: 2 GB RAM Hard Disk Space: 2 GB free hard disk space Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8600 GTS, ATI Radeon HD 2600, Intel HD Graphics 4000, or AMD HD 7900 series graphics card with at least 2 GB of RAM DirectX: Version 9.0c Network: Broadband internet connection. Software: PPSSPP