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As its name implies, Bronze Disc Copy fulfills a single function, namely to provide you with a simple method to create copies of existing discs, either for backup or other purposes. Simple usage and forthright looks Created with ease of use in mind, the application features a one-window interface with a straightforward layout. To be more exact, all you have to do is choose the source and the destination drives to proceed. Provided your computer is equipped with two separate CD/DVD-ROM drives, Bronze Disc Copy can easily generate an exact copy of the original CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disc by copying its contents to the output drive. Create disc copies and ISO images Additionally, the application can also work with ISO images. Thus, you can use it to copy the contents of a DVD, CD or Blu-Ray disc and save the output in ISO format, to a specific location on your computer. Unfortunately, it does not support other image file formats. Aside from the above, there is nothing more to say about this application. While it is available as a standalone application, you can find the same disc copy function in Bronze Disc Burner, another application created by the same developer, which also includes additional options. A tool dedicated to copying discs Bronze Disc Copy is one of those applications that tries to focus on ease of use and ends up having a poor feature set. Its functionality is limited to creating disc copies or ISO images and while it does its job, there are other similar software utilities out there that can do that and even more, at a lower cost.


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Bronze Disc Copy is a simple tool that gives you the ability to create unlimited number of discrete copies of any existing disc. It is designed to provide you with an easy method to create copies of existing discs, either for backup or other purposes.Q: Switching an Image in PyQt4 I want to create a program that will switch an image in pyqt4 and then remove it. I want the image to stay in the QLabel or QPixmap, but also I would like the code to be as short as possible. #!/usr/bin/python import sys from PyQt4 import QtGui class test(QtGui.QMainWindow): def __init__(self): super(test, self).__init__() self.begin() def end(self): self.button.stopAnimation() def run(self): self.changeImage() self.button.startAnimation() def changeImage(self): bk = “background.jpg” bk2 = “image2.jpg” bk3 = “image3.jpg” bk4 = “image4.jpg” bm = QtGui.QPixmap(bk) bm2 = QtGui.QPixmap(bk2) bm3 = QtGui.QPixmap(bk3) bm4 = QtGui.QPixmap(bk4) self.image.setPixmap(bm) self.image.setPixmap(bm2) self.image.setPixmap(bm3)

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Bronze Disc Copy is a handy tool to create disc copies or ISO images of your favorite CDs and DVDs. Key Features: Easy to use interface Create disc copies and ISO images Supported CD/DVD-ROM drives Description: Blu-Ray Author is one of those utilities that can help you set up and manage your Blu-Ray collection. This application helps you organize and keep track of your Blu-Ray library using five different modules: Organize your Blu-Ray collection Manage your Blu-Ray collection Explore Blu-Ray details Manage Blu-Ray files Manage Blu-Ray folders Organize your Blu-Ray collection Initially, you will have to configure the preferences by choosing a category and creating a few collections. The application will display a number of available categories that you can choose from, such as “Name” (sets a name for each collection), “Rating” (sets a title for each collection) and “Action” (helps you choose what action you want to take regarding a particular collection). In addition, the application lets you create new collections by simply clicking the “Add” button. You can then either opt for a simple collection or choose among several options. For example, you can choose to create a DVD folder (“Dvd folder”) by giving it a name, a label and a parent directory, or an ISO file (“IS0 file”) or a folder (“Folder”), all of which can then be used for further organization. Also, you can set up a personal configuration to automatically create collections from the discs you insert. After you have created your first collection, Blu-Ray Author displays a number of useful options that you can enable or disable by using the option panel located on the top right side of the application. In this panel, you will find information about what drives your computer can recognize as Blu-Ray drives and then you can choose whether you would like to use auto-detection or a static list. You can also choose which drives will be handled as Blu-Ray drives by clicking the corresponding button. Manage your Blu-Ray collection Initially, you will have to select a collection to manage. You can then use the “Create” button to choose a file format for the collection. You can choose from a list of options such as disc folders (“Folder”), IS0 folders (“ISO”), movie folders (“Movie”), game folders (“Game”), service folders (“Service”) and offline 3a67dffeec

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Its a simple tool. Its extremely basic but good enough for what you want. Easy to use. I think its a good tool to have so you won’t forget to copy stuff. It’s fine. I like the fact that it’s free and simple. Let’s start. While the interface of Bronze Disc Copy is the same as the one in other disc copies programs, there is nothing else to admire. On the left side you have the usual Save, New, and Options menu, the Copy icon is located at the bottom of the window. Under that, the output drive can be set either as Master or Slave, depending on whether you want your copy to be the actual drive or an image of the original DVD or Blu-Ray disc. There is no other option to enter the location where you want your disc copy to be saved. Creating the output disc is as simple as copying the discs’ files. However, to make sure that the finished copy will be accurate, you will have to close the program after copying the files and verify the output disc, with an option to repair it if necessary. On the appearance side, users may be somewhat disappointed with the unimpressive interface. While there is a standard way of choosing a disc to copy, the user is unable to modify the copy. Thus, you will be limited to copying the disc at its default quality, at its default speed, and in its default layout. There is no option for a separate option for the copy of the copy, and nothing in order to select the speed in which the copy is generated. Overall, the interface is simple, but not informative enough to be praised for. There is nothing to distract the user from simply copying the disc. That being said, we’ll move to the last point in the review. The Good Everything you need is right in one place. It’s free. It works fine and does what it’s supposed to do. The Bad Doesn’t have an effective selection of options. It does the job, but that’s about it. The Bottom Line Bronze Disc Copy is a basic utility that offers nothing more than disc copying. However, it does the job perfectly and is easy to use.LOS ANGELES, Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ — Morpheus Therapeutics, Inc., a biopharmaceutical

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Windows Software 24.06.2014 30.9 MB Exclusive License – the program can be copied only once under one user’s account. Bronze Disc Copy – Disc to disc copy Bronze Disc Copy is a free program which can be used to copy CD and DVD discs. After the program is installed, it is used to copy disc discs as soon as you click the Copy Disc button. If you are copying a disc, you should always remember to insert the disc into a CD-ROM drive. Other programs from the same developer: Bronze Disc Burner – Disc to disc copy Bronze Disc Burner is a full-featured disc copying software utility that helps you burn an ISO, UDF or RAW disc image of your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM to a blank media disc. After the software is installed, it can be used to burn disc discs as soon as you click the Burn button. Bronze Disc Burner – Burn disc image to disc Bronze Disc Burner is a disc burning software that enables you to save any disc image to disc, such as CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, DLT. Bronze Driver Packager – CD/DVD Driver Packager Bronze Driver Packager is a multi-recipient CD-ROM/DVD-ROM driver packager to get new drivers for almost all sound and video CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, and DVDs that used under DOS, Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. After the program is installed, you can use the software to get new drivers for the discs that can be found in the application. Download includes 38 drivers, including CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, and all popular software. With DriverPackager you can add the drivers for any of the well-known discs. Windows Software 1.00 MB Exclusive License – the program can be copied only once under one user’s account. Bronze Driver Packager – update drivers Bronze Driver Packager is a multi-recipient CD-ROM/DVD-ROM driver packager to get new drivers for almost all sound and video CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, and DVDs that used under DOS, Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. After the program is installed,

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