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A study in the journal Sex Roles recently identified people who regularly have sex with strangers as more trustworthy — which may surprise some. In the study, people told others about their sexual history, including the dates and types of sex they’d had with people they didn’t know very well. (People who knew each other better and had sex with friends or family, on the other hand, were seen as less trustworthy.) It should be noted that not all the people who have sex with strangers are promiscuous. It was the people who had multiple sexual experiences with strangers and those who had sex with people they had just met who were seen as less trustworthy — and the opposite was true for monogamous people. Although it is clear that casual sex is often frowned upon, there is something about meeting someone at a party, at a club, or online and then jumping in bed with that stranger that can take your mind off your problems for a moment — and maybe even the next. This is a feeling that people who stick to one partner often don’t have; one study showed that almost half of all the women in a relationship reported having had sex with other people. Another study found that more than a third of men and women had had at least one ‘casual’ partner. While these types of experiences might seem dirty and shameful, they don’t appear to do anything to the brain. It’s a common misconception that sex is more pleasurable when it comes after a relationship has been stable, but that’s not the case. In fact, studies suggest that it is just as enjoyable for couples who sleep with other people, as long as the couple has previously agreed to try to remain committed to each other. Also, when one partner comes out to someone else, the truth does not necessarily harm the relationship. New evidence suggests that casual sex (that’s actually sex with new people you just met) might not be as negative as it may appear on the surface. In a study done at The Graduate Center, Professor of Psychology Leonard Mazia, and Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders Justin Lehmiller, hypothesized that having casual sex would have less negative effects than casual hooking up with close friends, which has been found to be more negative on your relationships in the past. Their results suggested that people who participate in casual sex report less risk for relationship problems than the people who hook up with friends — and the reason is because casual sex is less intimate than casual hooking up. As Prof. Mazia explains, “The more intimate the relationship is
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